Maggie's puppies are two weeks old!

These gorgeous babies are quite the parti (pun intended)! We couldn’t be more pleased with their sweet, sweet coats and their cuddles these days. They are pretty sleeping in these pictures, but will begin opening their eyes all the way soon.

Aspen's puppies are five weeks old this week!

These babies are five weeks old and loving life! They are almost professional puppies these days. They spend a lot of their day running after the kiddos in the house and napping in between long periods of play! They are also being playful with the other dogs in the house.

Aspen's Puppies are four weeks old!

These pups have reached their halfway to home milestone and are up and at it these days! They are feeling more confident and outgoing each day! They are loving their puppy food and fresh water, and are still working on litter training, but are almost there!

River's puppies are six weeks old!

We are certainly getting "wowed" with this wonderful family of River & Moose...these fun loving littles are so friendly and just love everyone, giving sweet lick kisses and cuddles. They are finding that life here at Koocanusa is all about toys and fun!  We look forward to their temperament testing next week...

River's puppies are five weeks old!

What wonderful personalities are starting to show with these River Littles!

Fun loving and such little cuddlers.  They have gone past the sleepy baby stage and love to play till they wear themselves out!  Lots of action here in the Koocanusa kitchen....

Brinkley's puppies are six weeks old!

These babies are one week away from being temperament tested and finding out who their forever families are and we can hardly wait (neither can their new families)! It’s an exciting time at this age, as these puppies are coming more and more into their own personalities every passing day! They have been playing with lots of little kids and new people, which is going to make them super social little pups!

River's puppies are four weeks old!

Such happy go lucky puppies, they are already bouncing around the kitchen!  These little bundles of energy are sure to steal anyone's heart.  Their personality and temperament is already starting to show and we are impressed!  We just love 'em....

Aspen's puppies are two weeks old this week!

These babies have their eyes wide open now and are getting around more and more each day. They are still just a bunch of cuddle bugs, enjoying the warmth of each other and their momma, who is amazing! =]

River's puppies are three weeks old!

These little River puppies are off to the races...they have moved into the kitchen and are loving all the attention.  We have introduced soft solid food and a puppy litter tray. They are liking the food but not sure as  to why they have to waddle over to the litter tray to pee...(They will catch on quickly tho!)

Aspen's puppies are one week old this week!

These little pups have reach their very first milestone! They are loving life and lots of milk. They prefer naps most of the day and are slowly becoming more alert. Lots of cuddles during this cold though! =]

Brinkley's puppies are four weeks old!

The puppies have reached their halfway to home milestone! They are definitely getting the hang of this puppyhood thing. They love walking around and are starting to play with one another more and more. It is quite amazing to see their personalities slowly start to emerge. They love their food and are almost 100% with their litter box training. They are such a cute litter and we love cuddling with them in this cold weather!

River's puppies are two weeks old!

When it comes to cute, River puppies are right at the top! They are all so doodleicious....

Their eyes are now open and they are squirming about on their fat little bellies. River is leaving them for short periods of time but returns at the first little squeak from one of her sweetums. 

Brinkley's puppies are three weeks old!

These puppies are three weeks old and are eyes wide open to the world around them and boy is that world looking cold (-25). We have introduced them to softened food and a litter box this weekend, as they will begin eating more and more as they grow. They are doing really well, starting to get a little vocal, and are walking around on all fours now! They still love momma’s milk and they still love sleeping a lot! =]

River's puppies are one week old!

The little fella on the tan blanket is Howie....he is the brother to 6 sisters! The girls are Honey, Hope, Hazel, Heidi, Hadley & Harlow, such an array of sweetness!  In the first week they have become a little bit plumper and a whole lot sweeter.  We look forward to fun times ahead here at Koocanusa.

Brinkley's puppies are two weeks old this week!

These puppies are thriving more and more each day! They have their eyes wide open and are starting to really get around! They love each other and momma’s milk and spend a lot of the day eat and sleeping for now!

Brinkley's puppies are one week old this week!

Brinkley’s G Litter 😊 Welcome to the world little ones.  8 beautiful puppies! names are Giselle, Gordie (black fella), Gilbert (parti guy), Gideon (curly cream), Gruffy (black fella with white chest), Gus (cream fleece guy), Griffin (Black Guy), Gandalf (chocolate boy).

Twiggy's puppies are six weeks old!

...the sweetest minis ever!!  Well, we may be a bit bias, but they are so very sweet.  They are nearly ready to be temperament tested and we will soon know who will be their forever family.  A very exciting time  for everyone!