PollyAnna's puppies are five weeks old!

Lovable, hugable, kissable and now playable!  We are really enjoying these sweet little sweetums as they grow and become more entertaining each day. Lucca is well into his socializing job and loves his little puppy buddies. 

PollyAnna's puppies are four weeks old!

These little Polly pups are a hand full of doodleicious! 4 weeks old and they have found that they can now growl and bark!  The Little rascals love to tease any sibling that is snoozing and are becoming quite playful.  This next week they will be able to spend some time outside in the sunshine.

PollyAnna's Puppies are three weeks old today!

This week Polly's pups have made the move from our bedroom to a bigger pen in the kitchen. More noise and more action!  They are starting to waddle about and making their way to the food dish, even tho they still prefer Mama milk.  Luccca's job as puppy socializer is well underway and he certainly enjoys and takes his  job seriously .

Flaherty's puppies have been allocated!



These TWO week old puppies are taking their sweet time opening their eyes, Bless 'em!  They find their way to Mama no matter where she is in their bed, so I guess they feel no need to open their eyes yet!   However, next week they will have to start finding their way to their food dish as solids will be introduced to their diet.

Flaherty's puppies are six weeks old!

These puppies are six weeks old and just one week away from health testing! We can hardly wait! =] The next photo you see of these gorgeous Flaherty pups will be when we congratulate the families they have been allocated to! WOOHOO! Home stretch! They love the outdoors and love people! 

Pollyanna's puppies are one week old today!

Pollyanna & Molesley's puppies were born, May 8th and as they enter another week we can hear them squeaking, mewing, sucking contentedly and sometimes   calling for Mama, who responds on the run...These 4 girls and 2 fellas are well on their way to a happy, healthy life!

Flaherty's puppies are five weeks old!

These puppies have reached their five week milestone! They are just 3.2 short weeks from meeting their forever families! They are a little sad about the cold and rainy day, but we have been playing lots inside today! They are such little cute pups now! Their features are really coming through and a few of their temperaments are starting too show a little! To early to tell, but we are excited to test them all and see who their families will be! 

Gussy's puppies are six weeks old!

These puppies are just one week away from their temperament testing and finding out who their forever families are! We couldn't be more excited for these little pups! They are such a joy to have on the farm with all the grand-kids and they are just happy that the sun finally came out and they get to do a little sun-bathing under the big tree! They are growing so much and are just little puppies now! 

Gussy's puppies are five weeks old!

These little babes will meet the grand outdoors this week and have their little puppy minds blown with fresh air, excitement, and sunshine. They are eating and drinking like champs, running around, using their voices, and playing with each other often! Still sleeping lots after all the food and play. Thanks for checking out their five week milestone today! And just so ya know, only two weeks until temperament testing! =]]]

Flaherty's are four weeks old!

These little babes were introduced to the sunshine a little today and at first they weren't quite sure of the grass and how it feels on their paws! But they came around really quickly and were hopping around in no time, followed by the biggest nap. They have got the hang of litter and eating and drinking, but mom comes around often to check on them and give them some milk.

Flaherty's puppies are three weeks old today!

These cuties have reached their big three week milestone! They will be introduced to watered-down puppy food this week, along with fresh water and litter training! They will also begin whistle recall training every time their big pup chow is served! This will come in handy for their families later! =] Thanks for stopping by and checking these littles out!

Gussy's pups are four weeks old today!

These little pups have reached their halfway home mark! They are getting a little more skilled at eating solids and drinking fresh water, and they are so smart with the litter box already! They are starting to run around and play a lot too! Still lots of mom time, milk time, and cuddles for these guys though! They will get to meet the grand outdoors next week! =] Thanks for stopping by to see these babes! 

Gussy's puppies turned three weeks old yesterday!

These puppies have grown so much in the last week! They are eyes wide open and standing up fully and trying to walk around, instead of toddle! They sleep lots, eat lots, and are starting to develop their voices. They will be introduced to big pup food this week and fresh water, as well as litter box training! =] 

Flaherty's puppies are two weeks old today!

These little babies have hit their two week milestone and are thriving so well! They are also starting to open their eyes and see the world around them, and we think they like it! =] They are chunky little pups and have full bellies at ALL times! Flaherty is a great mommy and is still with them throughout the day, but occasionally hides away in a bedroom to get a full rest! Self-care is important! Thanks for stopping by to check these out! 

Flaherty's puppies are one week old!

Flaherty has been the best momma to these puppies for the last week! She chooses to be by their side most of the day and night with occasional self-care breaks here and there! These babies are still mostly eating, sleeping, and pooping. They also toddle about to find comfortable sleeping positions on one another! =] Thanks for stopping by to check them out! 


We are so excited that we are finally able to plan for Fall 2018 and we have some gorgeous litters coming! Go ahead and check them out on our upcoming litters page! 

Gussy's puppies are two weeks old!

These little black velvet puppies are two weeks old! They are just starting to open their eyes and are greeting the world around them a little more! They prefer each other, mommy, and her warm milk these days! Also, they LOVE sleeping! =] 

Sky's puppies have been allocated!

These puppies are heading home next weekend to meet their forever families and we know they are all very excited!