Flaherty's puppies are three weeks old!

Flaherty's puppies are three weeks old!

These beauties are three weeks old and are learning so many things every day! They are mostly walking around and then having big naps as they continue to thrive and develop! They are quite chunky and have just been introduced to their very own puppy food and fresh water, as well as litter training! They spend the days being cuddles by each other and the kiddos! Today, they played on the wood floor, which they were not impressed with as they kept sliding, but these litter introductions will help them be very well-rounded, confident puppies when they go home. =]

Skye's puppies are three weeks old today!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed best describes these busy little sweethearts....at 3 weeks they are on the move.  Today was a big day when we introduced softened real food and they loved it. A couple of them have used the puppy litter, such smart little critters...fun times ahead here at Koocanusa....

Gussy's puppies are three weeks old!

These babies are three weeks old and they are doing amazing! They are toddling around more and more and have their eyes wide open these days. They still nap and cuddle with each other most of the day, but they getting more energy and more active as each day passes! They will be introduced to their food and their litter this week!

Skye's puppies are two weeks old!

This is one plump group of sweetums...They still aren't interested in opening their eyes, but I'm sure by next week they will be seeing things quite clearly!  Right now they just love eating and lazing about!  Cute little Gaffers they are.....

Flaherty's puppies are two weeks old!

These puppies have reached their two week milestone are should probably be named chunky! They are just growing so much and keeping their bellies full of milk and stay warm with cuddles! Their eyes are finally opening a bit more this week and they see so much in small doses that they sleep lots from how exhausting the new view can be on their developing brains! They are so sweet and Flaherty is taking small self-care moments here and there. =]

Skye's puppies are one week old!

We never tire of the cuteness of new born puppies!  These sweethearts are so adorable and Mama Skye is just the best Mama.  They don't do much yet...they just lay around being sweet!  Pretty soon they will open their eyes and then things get really fun and interesting here at Koocanusa.

Flaherty's puppies are one week old!

These babies are already one week old and are stronger than ever. They are already scooting and rooting around to cuddle with momma. Momma is very dedicated and loving her babies. We have five girls and four boys in this litter and their colouring is so adorable and mixed. We are loving this stage and they are getting lots of kisses from our kiddos in the house! =]

Stella's puppies have been allocated!

These beauties have been allocated to their forever families and a met their families today! We couldn’t be more excited for the puppies and their new families! Congrats to you all!

Stella's puppies are six weeks old this week!

These puppies are all puppy these days! They love to play in the house and run around with the kiddos and family. They are almost weaned from momma and love their puppy food mostly! They are super cuddly and friendly.

Stella's puppies are four week old this week!

These babies reached their halfway to home milestone this past Friday and are showing a little more personality each and every day! They love to play with one another and cuddle these days! They still love momma, but give her lots of breaks and cuddle with our family!

London's puppies are six weeks old!

These puppies love the great outdoors and their morning romp with Cole.  Next week is Avidog testing time and before we know it they will be greeting their new forever famillies.

Kona's puppies have been allocated!

These puppies have been allocated to their forever families and we couldn’t be more excited for them to meet their new families!

Stella's puppies are three weeks old!

These gorgeous five puppies are such beautiful pups already! They are walking around more and more and are eyes wide open and ready to see the world already! They are chunky little buddies and love their momma and each other more than anything! They also love naps with Ollie and and cuddle sessions with the family. They will be introduced to food and litter training this week and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them bloom in their temperaments over the next coming weeks! =]

Stella's puppies are two weeks old!

These babies are already moving around lots! They are slowly opening their eyes more and more by the day and are enjoying the scenery, which is usually just momma and each other. They love momma’s milk and sleeping lots, but are becoming more aware each day.

Kona's puppies are six weeks old!

These babies have grown so much in just six weeks and have the sweetest and happiest little temperaments shining through. They loves kids, cuddles, and their momma. They love to roam around the house and get into everything the family is doing. They will be having temperament testing done next week and their families will finally know which puppy is their forever family! We are all very excited about this!

London's puppies are four weeks old today!

Black is Beautiful!  It's been said that black makes everything more elegant or classy...and these puppies fit that bill!  They are just the sweetest little rascals and love to annoy any sleeping sibling by chewing on their ear or pulling on their tail. They are getting used to not having Mama with them every waking hour and getting pretty good at finding their way to the puppy litter. Exciting times ahead for these sweet London puppies.

Stella's puppies are one week old now!

These gorgeous babes are one week old and thriving! They are so adorable and cuddly! They are still mostly eating and sleeping these days, and Stella is a great momma. =] There are four boys and one girl and they are just remarkable colours.