Tasha's puppies are two weeks old!

Tasha is pretty proud of these little snookums that look so much like her.  They are starting to open their eyes now, but decided that the camera flash was too bright, so no wide eyed little babies this camera shoot!

Ember's puppies are two weeks old today! The

These beauties are two weeks old and they are so sweet and cuddly! They love laying on top of each other and they love momma most of all! They are all thriving with full bellies and almost have their eyes open all the way! Thanks for stopping by to see these beauties! 

Dora's puppies are three weeks old today!

Dora's puppies couldn't be any cuter or plumper!..what adorable little girls!  Today they will be introduced to some soft real food and more freedom in a bigger home.  They are starting to really get around from point A to Point B and love the attention they are getting from Lucca. These girls are real keeners!!

Tasha's puppies are one week old!

Tasha & Panda Bear became proud parents to five apricot parti babies last Sunday!  Tasha is an experienced mama and loves her sweet family.  The puppies markings are showing more and more each day and they will be much like their lovely mama.  Next week their eyes will be opening and they will be getting more and more mobile.  Lots of interesting and wonderful changes each and every day.

Ember's puppies are one week old!

Ember's puppies reached their first week milestone on Friday! We are sorry for the delay, as we have been a bit sickly here, but we are hopeful for the mend to come soon and will just keep cuddling puppies in the meantime. These little babies are just cuddling with each other and sleeping lots. They love mommy, sleep, and warm cuddles at this time! Thanks for stopping by to see our puppies this week! 

Dora's puppies are two weeks old!

Two weeks has gone by so quickly since Dora's puppies were born. They are such cute little chunky monkeys and already are checking out things now that their eyes are open. They can wiggle their way from one end of their bed to the other and next week they should be waddling!  New accomplishments each and every day for these adorable little sweetums.

Dora's puppies are one week old!

September 29th was a big day for Dora & Molesley...in the wee hours of the morning, 3 little princesses were welcomed into the family.  For the past week they have been snoozing and eating, and snoozing and eating some more..the perfect life for little puppies!!!

Presley's Puppies have been allocated!

Diva's puppies have been allocated!

Presley's puppies are six weeks old!

What a beautiful family of Sweetums!..Presley and Bernie have done a great job of producing these wonderful little puppies.  They have such nice temperaments, as well as being so pretty!  Next week after the Avidog test they will be allocated and meet their new families the week after.  This is always such an exciting time for puppies and their families.

Diva's puppies are six weeks old!

Koocanusa time with these curious puppies is quickly slipping by!  At 7 weeks we will be doing the Avidog test and then allocations. A very exciting time for the families who are anxiously awaiting the 8 week mark when they can take home their very own adorable puppy!

Presley's puppies are five weeks old!

Ten sweet puppies to cuddle....tens sweet puppies to snuggle...Presley's pups are little sweetums who love to be held.  When not snuggling they can be seen chasing tails and chewing on ears...one of their favourite pastimes. Never a dull moment and never a dull puppy!

Diva's puppies are five weeks old!

Wonderful, wonderful...a perfect description of these five week old Diva puppies.  They have adapted so well to all the new sights and sounds that are introduced each day. So alert and curious, ready to take on each new day, whether they are in the house or outside in their little yard.

Presley's puppies are four weeks old!

These Presley pups are only  one day younger than Diva's so they are moving and a grooving too.

They went outside for a short while to feel the grass under their paws and quite liked the new feeling. They had a lunch picnic outside and then a lovely nap in the shade.  Now they are back in the kitchen and snoozing again after their big day.

Diva's puppies are four weeks old!

It's harvest time and the thermometer still hovers close to 30, so these 4 week old puppies will get to play outside for a couple hours today...there first taste of the great outdoors!!  It's gonna be a good day!

Presley's puppies are three weeks old!

Presley's puppies are enjoying their "kitchen" home and all the noises and action that goes along with it! For supper tonight they will enjoy their first taste of softened puppy food, topped off with delicious mama milk.  These little waddlers are still zigging when they should be zagging, but zig zag they do and they get from point A to Point B in no time at all!! Life is great for these little sweetums.

Diva's puppies are three weeks old!

At three weeks, things really begin to change for these little Diva pups.... softened solid puppy food, fresh drinking water, a puppy poo area, Beach Boy music, (which is a nice change from the Classical that they have been exposed to), time out of the baby pen and more new faces!!  

Presley's puppies are two weeks old!

As Presley pups turn two weeks old, they are fast becoming little movers...moving quickly to mama as soon as she makes an appearance!! With their eyes not quite open they are still curious when we visit them and  do enjoy cuddles.  Won't be long and they will be able to enjoy solid food to ease the milk load on momma.

Diva's puppies are two weeks old

Two weeks old today and these little chubbins are definitely coming alive!  Their eyes are not completely open yet, but its a work in progress...wont be long and they will be on the move. Momma is keeping them well supplied with milk and next week they will start on softened solids. There is pending availability on this litter! Apply now if interested!

Presley's puppies are one week old!

Presley's 10 puppies are certainly keeping momma busy! The seven girls and three boys are gaining weight nicely and are even cuter each day, we love their pretty markings.  They turned one week old today and by next week their little peepers should start to open so they can actually see their sweet Mama. Lots happening here at Prairie Doodles!