Rose's puppies are two weeks old today!

How many red puppies could there be!? So many and each with very subtle differences. The other thing they have in common is that they like to eat and have the bodies to show for it! They have their eyes mostly open now, but were still sleepy. Thanks for stopping by to see them reach their two week milestones!

River's puppies are two weeks old!


2 weeks has slipped by already and these River puppies are doing awesome. River is a wonderful first time mom and loves her family, even tho they are quite demanding of her time!!  They are hearing quite well now but are just starting to open their eyes.  Next week they will be on the move and eating solids.  Lots happening here at Koocanusa!

Poppy's puppies are two weeks old!

Thanks for stopping by to check out Poppy's puppies reaching their two week old milestone! They pretty much have their eyes open, but were still pretty sleepy today, so it may be more into week three that we see them fully open and alert! They are thriving and chunky and are wobbling around to find each other and mom throughout the day. They have the cutest colours too! Such variations! 

London's puppies are three weeks old!

Big day today at Koocanusa!!  London's 3 week old puppies are celebrating their graduation!! They are graduating from their birthing ring to bigger & better home quarters, complete with a potty tray...yes, they are even getting their first taste of solid food (however, mama will still be supplying her milk which they love best.)

These little sweetums are growing and enjoying every day here at Koocanusa.

Ember's puppies have been allocated!

Ember's puppies have been allocated!

River's puppies are one week old!

River's family have had a great first week on this planet!!  The 3 boys and 5 girls are doing everything they should be doing at this age...sleeping, eating, sleeping pooing, sleeping, sleeping.... They are as cute and smooth as a baby's bottom!  Mama River is so proud.

Rose's puppies are one week old!

Thanks for stopping by to see Rose's puppies reach their one week milestone! They are so chubby already! Rose is of course a great mommy and doing so well with them. They are following the same regimen of their litter neighbours from Poppy's litter, born just two days before these guys, and are eating, sleeping, and pooping. See you next week for their two week milestone, hopefully with eyes open! 

Poppy's puppies are one week old!

Poppy's puppies have reached their one week milestone! They are still sleeping lots and following the normal baby schedule of sleep, eat, and poop. Poppy is a great mommy and has a wonderful supply for these little puppies! There are just gorgeous and will grow lots the next few weeks! Thanks for stopping by to check these babies out! 

London's puppies are two weeks old!

Cuteness overload, The Wow Factor...great descriptions of these gorgeous London puppies. At 2 weeks they aren't quite ready to open their eyes, but are definitely getting mobile and squeaking !! London & Molesley have definitely done a job that they can be well proud of...

London's puppies are one week old!

On Sunday, May 28th, London & Molesley became the proud parents of this variety Pak!!!...caramel, chocolate and black adorable puppies. The 5 girls & 3 fellas are gaining nicely and London is loving her role as the proud Mama. Lots of milk and lots of love and these little ones are doing very well! 

Ember's puppies are six weeks old!

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our puppies reach their six week old milestone! We are very excited as they continue to develop and grow in their development each and every day! In just a week or so, we will be able to perform our APET test on them and will likely know who they will fit best with! We know our families are quite excited and we can't wait for the big day to deliver the good news! =]

Ember's puppies are five weeks old!

The puppies are loving the grand outdoors now! They will be growing lots over the next couple of weeks and learning more about the world in various sights, smells, and other things that will help them grow developmentally to be more confident pups. 

Stella's puppies are six weeks old!

These puppies are loving the grand outdoors! They would hardly sit still during this photo shoot because there is so much to see and do and lots and lots of freedom! They are fun puppies and are pretty much weaned from mom now, naturally, of course. Stella is just enjoying the new found freedom herself, but still checks in on the pups often!  They are pros at eating their solid food and drinking their water and are happy to just be. Only two more weeks until they meet their forever homes! 

PollyAnna's puppies are six weeks old!

Now that the puppies are able to be outside in the sunshine they are having such a great time. They run & tumble with each other, visit the big dogs across the fence, pull up dandelions and snooze in the sunshine. Every day is a good day for a puppy!!

Ember's puppies are four weeks old!

Getting busier by the day! Playing and eating and using their litter box :) Such smart babies!!

PollyAnna's puppies are five weeks old!

What a sweet bunch of little minis!!  They are now becoming more inquisitive and love to investigate anything that moves!  They love cuddles and are becoming quite the experts of licky puppy kisses.

Stella's puppies are five weeks old!

Thanks for stopping in to see Stella's puppies at their five week old milestones! Big day for them as they are being introduced to the grand outdoors with all of it's sounds and sites, breeze and sunshines! They are loving it and are already napping because it was so much fun! They like to chew on the dandelions! 

Cleo's puppies are six weeks old!

Such beautiful six week old girly's.  Next week is Avidog testing time and then it's Allocations, a very exciting time for the families who are waiting patiently for their new puppy.  These puppies are enjoying the "great" outdoors and all the "great" puppy visitors.  Each day is new and exciting, not only for Cleo's puppies, but for all of us here at Koocanusa!!


Ember's puppies are three weeks old!

Happy Belated Mothers Day all you mama's out there (four legged and two legged).  <3 <3 Ember's puppies are 3 weeks old! They will be introduced to food, water, and litter this week!