Twiggy's puppies are six weeks old!

...the sweetest minis ever!!  Well, we may be a bit bias, but they are so very sweet.  They are nearly ready to be temperament tested and we will soon know who will be their forever family.  A very exciting time  for everyone!

Twiggy's puppies are five weeks old!

Picture perfect! Moved into the kitchen today and such happy little critters!  They are eating, sleeping, playing, sleeping, and enjoying their new surroundings.  Mama Twiggy is having more time for herself, but still gives them a drink once in awhile ....

Twiggy's puppies are four weeks old!

Such little cute sweetie pies!! They are starting to get around quite nicely and this week will move into the Kitchen.  They have enjoyed hearing Christmas music, so will do well with all the new sounds in the main area of the house. Lots of new and interesting changes for these little puppies.

Twiggy's puppies are three weeks old!

Big changes.... the puppies have their eyes open and are able to wobble from here to there, so they are doing their best to get to their puppy poo poo tray.  They have had their first taste of solid food and quite like it. Mama is still close by to make sure all is well with her little family and continues to keep them full to the brim with her rich milk.

Polly Anna's puppies are six weeks old!

"Marvelous Minis"....a great description of the these little Polly/Fenway puppies.  Now that they are 6 weeks old they are definitely busy little movers.  They love the freedom of the kitchen to run around the table, trying to catch one anothers tail. They are such happy, happy little munchkins and Lucca is on the job making sure they get lots of hugs. 

Twiggy's puppies are two weeks old!

Twiggy, our first time Mom has done so well adjusting to her little family.  She makes sure they are clean and full of milk!  The pups have their eyes open now, but for the most part they are closed, as these little ones spend the majority of the day napping on top of each other. Won't be long before they are up on their wobbly little legs and on the go....

Polly Anna's puppies are five weeks old!

At this age puppies are a going concern.  They are busy playing, romping and causing havoc with their siblings, until they completely tire themselves out and fall asleep anywhere in any position.  They are definitely minis and just the cutest little beings!

Sky's puppies have been allocated!

Congrats to all of our puppies and their new families! We know everyone will be so happy and we can’t wait to introduce the pups to their new families soon!

Gussy's puppies have been allocated to their forever families!

These puppies are temperament tested and did so amazing during testing! We have allocated them to their families and they will be meeting this week! We know the puppies can’t wait and the families will be so happy to meet their new little fur babies!

Twiggy's puppies are one week old!

Such awesome markings on these adorable minis. Twiggy & Cash are the proud parents of this little group of 5 boys and 2 girls. They are content little plumpers and getting plumper every day!

Flaherty's puppies are six weeks old this week!

These little pups are doing so well! Since it’s too cold to go outside and burn off some puppy energy, they spend a lot of the day running around the house and playing with the kiddos, all of their toys, and running up and down the hallways! When they start to go to sleep, we tuck them in for a nap, and repeat! They will begin temperament testing this weekend and they will be allocated to their new forever families! We know our families can hardly wait and neither can we!

Polly Anna's Puppies are Four Weeks Old

Cute & cuddley...and definitely alert. Their personalities are showing now and they are wonderful little individuals. Polly is such an affectionate dog and her pups seem so much like her already.  We know the new families will love these little sweetums.

Skye's puppies are six weeks old now!

Personality plus and as smart as smart can be....such wonderful little beings!  We love 'em, even if they think they own the kitchen and terrorize our toes and pant legs.  They will certainly be a welcome addition to their new families in just a couple of weeks.

Polly's puppies are three weeks old!

These plump little puppies are doing their best to waddle here and there.  Not too steady on their little legs, but still enjoying life in their little world.  They are not really sure about the new solid food we have introduced , but soon will enjoy the added addition to their diet.  Polly is definitely enjoying her days with these little ones and is such a good mama.

Gussy's puppies are six week old!

These babies are so cute we can barely handle it! They are active, playing tons and having lots of fun these days! They are so fun and have such lovely temperaments shining through! They are one week from being temperament tested and allocated to their new families and we can’t wait to see how it goes and we know their new families can barely wait!

Flaherty's puppies are five weeks old!

Flaherty’s puppies are 5 weeks old and playful these days! They pretty much spend their days having some fun around the house with the kiddos and one another, after about 15 to 20 minutes they begin falling asleep wherever they are because they played so hard, and then we put them in their pen for a nap, rinse and repeat! They are showing their personalities a little more each day and we can’t wait to learn all about them when we temperament test them in 2 weeks!

Skye's puppies are five weeks old!

These puppies are so excited when they get the run of the kitchen...their little tails wag, they chase each other around the chair legs and love to chew on our toes when we sit down...they have certainly changed in one week and are well on their way to becoming the sweetest puppies ever!!!