Stella's puppies are one week old!

A one week peak at these gorgeous puppies! Aren't they the funnest patterns and colours!? They are doing very well and Momma Stella is a great mommy! They are such cuddle bugs too! Lots of sleeping, eating, and pooping for these guys. The first three are boys and the last one on right is the girly! =] 

River''s puppies are one week old!

On January 5th, River became Mama to 7 very handsome boys...beautiful, colourful and already bouncy!  River is a happy laid back mom who loves her little family. These fellas have grown so much in one week and will be waddling around before we know it! One thing that Gail and River have in common is they both had all boys! =]

Phoebe's puppies are five weeks old!

These beautiful puppies are just having the time of their life! They are socializing lots and really coming into their own personalities each more everyday! We look forward to health testing in a couple of weeks to find out where each of these puppies will go for their forever homes! 

Jersey's puppies are one week old!

One week ago today, Jersey gave birth to these sweet, yummy baby chocolates...3 girls & 4 boys!  Mama and family are doing well and getting plumper each day. Jax is a proud Daddy, too. We are so excited to see them as they grow and develop little personalties...lots of fun days ahead.

Rose's puppies are three weeks old!

These puppies have reached their three week milestone! They are eyes opening and starting food and water this week! =] They are cuddly still, but are moving around more and more and are excited about life now that they can see! We love these little rosey red puppies so much already! 

Aspen's puppies are four week old!

These beautiful puppies have reached their halfway mark to going home to their forever families! They have also moved into the more active area of Dani and Matt's home and are participating in the daily activities in the kitchen now, so lots of early development happening with all the new smells and sounds! They are all starting to really use their voice and play with one another! Mom is needed a little less now too! She is enjoying longer breaks between feedings, but it always popping in to check on them! =] 

Phoebe's puppies are four weeks old!

These little babies have reached their halfway mark to meeting their new families! =] They are thriving and bouncing and gaining more independence as each day passes! 

Rose's puppies are two weeks old!

These little Rose red puppies are growing more each and every day! Yes, we have nicknamed them after potatoes! They had a great and healthy ring into the new year this week and are beginning to look at the big world around them! They still mostly sleep, cuddle with each other, and poop! =] 

Aspen's puppies are three weeks old!

These gorgeous puppies wouldn't sit still for their photo shoot tonight! Their new mobility milestone has been reach and they are basically walking way more than toddling! They were introduced to food and water today, as well as litter and will take their next step toward gaining more independence from their amazing mommy! Happy new year! 

Phoebe's puppies are three weeks old!

The puppies are growing a lot! They are learning to walk and they have just started to play with each other. We will introduce food this week and also the litter. They are very well loved!! We have come up with some cute pet names until they go to their forever homes! 

Rose's puppies are one week old!

Rose and Molesley have dazzled us once again with their beautiful litter of red puppies! These babies are red with white markings and there are three boys and three girls! They are thriving well and are loving snuggles and momma's milk right now! We may have a spot available on this litter as the timing didn't work well for one of our families! Please contact us if you are interested! 

Aspen's puppies are two weeks old!

Thanks so much for visiting Aspen's puppies as they reach their two week milestone! They are some chubby little things, which is always a great sign that they are thriving and well! They are starting to open their eyes now and see the world around them! They will continue to leap in milestones this week and next week they will be introduced to food and litter training! 

Phoebe's puppies are two weeks old!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to see Phoebe's puppies reach their two week milestone! They are opening their eyes now and are beginning to see a whole new world to them! This is a huge developmental leap for these little guys! They are wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas! 

Aspen's puppies are one week old today!

These little sweeties have reached their one week milestone today! They are thriving, chubby little bumpkins this holiday season, and though their belly's aren't full of holiday cookies like Dani(myself), they are full of momma's milk and they are very happy snuggling with her and each other most of the day. They are still sleeping and eating mostly, but we will see some changes come as they begin to open their eyes in the next week! 

Tasha's puppies are five weeks old!

So cute and so entertaining...these puppies continue to keep us laughing as they tear around the kitchen table tumbling head over heels in an effort to catch each other. They love to attack their toy noise makers and think they have really accomplished something if it quits making a noise!  We have introduced them to Dora's puppies and they are all becoming good chums.

Ember's puppies are five weeks old!

These babies are five weeks old and a lot of fun already! Their personalities are shining through and we are guessing they have a good sleep last night, because they were bouncy balls of fur this morning during our photo shoot, and as you can see below, they were not wanting to have a family photo together! Their temperaments are starting to show a little more each day and they will get to see some snow for a little while this week on the warmer days. 

Bloopers =]

Dora's puppies are six weeks old!


Every day is new and more exciting for these little snookums.  A romp in the snow for the first time!  ....and they loved it.  At seven weeks  we will be doing our Avidog test and then the big day for new puppy families....Allocations!!  Very exciting times for everyone.

Red Girl 

Yellow Girl

No Collar Girl 

Tasha's puppies are four weeks old today!

These little sweeties are enjoying life to the full.  They are doing well and have adapted to the busy goings on in the kitchen! Not only do they love their food, but also love to be picked up and cuddled, so Lucca is kept busy with socializing them...a job he really enjoys.

Dora's puppies are five weeks old!

These adventurous pups are excited to see the great outdoors for even just a short little romp each day.  They are using the doggie door and learning to do the stairs with a little encouragement from mama.  Listening to the Beach Boys CD is something they love (they prefer it to the Romantic Classic CD), that I play for them at nap time!!!

Ember's puppies are four weeks old!

Ember's puppies have reached their halfway home point! They are way too smart already and have nailed eating solids and using their litter! They are confidently on all fours now and strutting around playing with one another now! They are enjoying the warmth and time with mommy, but need her less and less now! She is a great mommy and enjoying her last litter now!