Stella's puppies are two weeks old!

These babies are already moving around lots! They are slowly opening their eyes more and more by the day and are enjoying the scenery, which is usually just momma and each other. They love momma’s milk and sleeping lots, but are becoming more aware each day.

Kona's puppies are six weeks old!

These babies have grown so much in just six weeks and have the sweetest and happiest little temperaments shining through. They loves kids, cuddles, and their momma. They love to roam around the house and get into everything the family is doing. They will be having temperament testing done next week and their families will finally know which puppy is their forever family! We are all very excited about this!

London's puppies are four weeks old today!

Black is Beautiful!  It's been said that black makes everything more elegant or classy...and these puppies fit that bill!  They are just the sweetest little rascals and love to annoy any sleeping sibling by chewing on their ear or pulling on their tail. They are getting used to not having Mama with them every waking hour and getting pretty good at finding their way to the puppy litter. Exciting times ahead for these sweet London puppies.

Stella's puppies are one week old now!

These gorgeous babes are one week old and thriving! They are so adorable and cuddly! They are still mostly eating and sleeping these days, and Stella is a great momma. =] There are four boys and one girl and they are just remarkable colours.

Kona's puppies are five weeks old!

These babies are almost professional puppies now that they are five weeks old! They have been introduced to the grand outdoors and are loving the sunny days and grass under their paws. They are great at eating their puppy food, drinking their fresh water, and are completely litter trained. They are showing a little more of their personalities each day and are so sweet and cuddly. 

River's puppies are six weeks old!

These little sweethearts are loving life and ready to enjoy each and every day!  Allocations next week...Wow, what a wonderful time for the families who are waiting patiently for their new family member!!

London's puppies are three weeks old!


Moving right along..big that these little snookums are 3 weeks old life becomes much more interesting ....solid food, litter box, more outside playtime in the sunshine and new kitchen headquarters!  

London's puppies are two weeks old!

These puppies seem to be so settled that they aren't in an hurry to open their eyes. They are such plumpers..getting more plump every day!  This next week when their eyes are open they will become more interested in their surroundings and want to sleep less. Mama is sure proud of her little ones!

Kona's puppies are four weeks old!

These babies have reached their halfway to home milestone and are growing so fast! They are loving their new puppy food and fresh water and are excelling at potty training! Momma is still in and out, but they are needing her less and less as each day goes by! They are so sweet and get lots of cuddles with the household socializers, Oliver and Margot! 

River's puppies are five weeks old!

5 weeks goes by so quickly when everyone is having fun.  These little ones are definitely "fun makers" and such a joy to have around.  They love to interact with each other and so comical when they tumble & rumble!  Their outdoor excursions are always great and they are such a curious bunch of sweetums.

Kona's puppies are three weeks old!

These beautiful puppies have reached their three week milestone! Their eyes are wide open and they are so happy to be walking around more and more. Oliver even noticed how they are getting chubbier by the day. They are getting lots of cuddles with out kiddos at home and are happy little puppies. They will be introduced to their food, fresh water, and litter this week to help get them to their next milestone and more independent from momma! They are still enjoying her milk lots though! 

River's puppies are four weeks old!

Moving and grooving....such happy little cutey pies!  3 square meals a day and mama milk makes for happy little babies. This week they will be going outside for a whole new experience and you can bet they will love it...

London's puppies are one week old!

London's 4 little "mini me's" turn 1 week old and are getting plumper every day as they thrive on Mama's milk.  These sweet, sleek black beauties will soon have their eyes open and then life really gets interesting for them and of course, more action here at Koocanusa!

Kona's puppies are two weeks old today!

These puppies were born on a stormy evening two weeks ago and so it only seems natural to name them after the elements of the storm! They are doing amazing and have tripled in size! Kona is an excellent momma and loves them very much! They are just now opening their little eyes and are now seeing the world around them. They are mostly just looking for mom, but they can see us now! =] Let the curiosity begin! 

River's puppies are three weeks old!

These cutey pies have quickly turned into waddlers, making their way around their new and bigger home in the kitchen.   They are now wide eyed and bushy tailed!  Softened food has been added to their daily diet and they do enjoy it, but also enjoy waddling in the food dish as well!!  Fun times ahead as they change and grow each day.

Kona's puppies are one week old!

These gorgeous puppies have reached their one week milestone and on their momma's birthday at that! This is Kona's first litter and she is quite the amazing momma already. Her litter had a few parti surprises in it as you can see, and we were so astonished by the variations that Kona and Archer had together! Thanks for stopping by to check on them! 

River's puppies are two weeks old!

2 weeks old and squeaking already!  This family of little darlings is well on their way to becoming more lovable by the day.  Some have their eyes open, others prefer to wait awhile, lol.  This week they are starting to wiggle around but soon they will be on their feet to waddle. 

It was allocation week for our Cleo, Presley, and Phoebe litters!

A very special thank you to all of the work our Prairie Doodle's Teams have done to ensure our puppies are socialized and well-rounded! We couldn't do it without them and we love their passion for Australian Labradoodles and Prairie Doodles! 

Congrats to Cleo's puppies and their new families! 

Congrats to Presley's puppies and their new families! 

Congrat's to Phoebe's puppies and their new families!