Cleo's puppies are five weeks old!

5 week old adorable bundles of love.  These little ones are game for anything, even Lucca's silly hair ribbons!  They love romping in their outdoor pen in the morning and laying around in the shade during the hot afternoon. They also enjoy a cool bath mid afternoon to beat the heat.  Happy, happy little rompers!

Maggie's puppies are three weeks old!

These babies are eyes open and ready to explore the world with their tiny toddles. They are more alert with each day. They will be introduced to food and water this week and will begin to give momma a little more of a break, though she doesn't want it yet! 

Phoebe's puppies are four weeks old!

These babies make us smile each and everyday! They have to be the prettiest group of red puppies with white markings we've had in a while! Well aside from Scout, who is a caramel, but isn't he the sweetest?! These puppies are just happy little tail waggers enjoying the outdoors a little this week, toddling about and they are doing well with their eating and drinking! 

Presley's puppies are four weeks old this week!

These gorgeous puppies have reached their halfway to home milestone and were able to go outside and enjoy some sunshine this week! They are loving the outdoors and eating food and drinking fresh water. They still love momma's milk, but as they continue to get more independent, they will eat more and more and pretty soon be pro's at litter training! 

Cleo's puppies are four weeks old this week!

The puppies are 4 weeks old tomorrow July 11th. Walking and playing and teasing each other :) and eating up their food :)

Maggie's puppies are two weeks old this week!

These beautiful puppies are two weeks old this week and are thriving well! We are already seeing little peaks of eyes opening and continue to marvel as these babies grow a little chunkier each day. Momma is doing well and loves her babies oh so much! 

Presley's puppies are three weeks old!

It's a very busy household for Presley with 11 little ones waddling about!  And very busy when it comes to munch time!  We have added softened puppy food to the menu which will make things a little easier for Mama. Now that they have moved into a bigger pen they should soon find the puppy litter tray too. Busy times ahead here at Koocanusa.....

Phoebe's puppies are three weeks old!

These beautiful puppies have reached their three week milestone and are loving life to the fullest! They are learning to walk more and have their eyes wide open! They will be introduced to puppy food and will learn to use the potty in litter this week! =] 

Cleo's puppies are three weeks old!

3 weeks is a pretty special time in the life of a puppy.  Many new and exciting changes...they move from the bedroom to the kitchen for more action, noises and smells. They also get a chance to wobble around the kitchen table and nibble on soft solids. Life is great for puppies!!

Pollyanna's puppies have been allocated!

Maggie's puppies are one week old!

These puppies are going strong and we can't wait to watch them grow! 4 girls and 3 boys! and they are the  most beautiful colouring! Their mom, Maggie and and dad, Bernie, make some really adorable puppies, don't you think?

Phoebe's puppies are two weeks old!

Phoebe's puppies are 2 weeks old, they are just starting to open their eyes and are trying to walk. They are growing lots and doing great! 

Presley's puppies are two weeks old!

These little puppies are not quite ready to open their eyes but do get about and squeak for Mama dear. There will be big changes in the next week as their little peepers open and they start to notice everything around them.  Mom is keeping up very well with her family, lots of milk and love for each one.

Cleo's puppies are two weeks old!

So much happens in 2 weeks for new puppies...Their eyes gradually come open so that they can get their first glimpse of Mama and their little world in the bedroom.  They try their best to get up and waddle around the pen.  Within the next week they will start to enjoy sibling contact and the teasing of each other will begin!

Presley's puppies are one week old!

June 15th was a big, big day for Presley! She gave birth to 11 little wonders....

7 of the cutest little guys and 4 of the most adorable little girls.  Yes, Mama has her work cut out for her with this many babies, but she is definitely a rock star and doing very well!!  These babies are plump and content and growing cuter every day. 

Cleo's puppies are one week old!

Cleo & Moose welcomed their sweet family at Koocanusa on June 13. 1 little boy with 3 cute sisters. Mama is doting on them all the time and they are blossoming under all the attention, along with her "yummy" milk. In a few days we are going to see their little eyes open to the wonders of the world around them.

PollyAnna's puppies are five weeks old!

Lovable, hugable, kissable and now playable!  We are really enjoying these sweet little sweetums as they grow and become more entertaining each day. Lucca is well into his socializing job and loves his little puppy buddies. 

PollyAnna's puppies are four weeks old!

These little Polly pups are a hand full of doodleicious! 4 weeks old and they have found that they can now growl and bark!  The Little rascals love to tease any sibling that is snoozing and are becoming quite playful.  This next week they will be able to spend some time outside in the sunshine.

PollyAnna's Puppies are three weeks old today!

This week Polly's pups have made the move from our bedroom to a bigger pen in the kitchen. More noise and more action!  They are starting to waddle about and making their way to the food dish, even tho they still prefer Mama milk.  Luccca's job as puppy socializer is well underway and he certainly enjoys and takes his  job seriously .