Chip's puppies are three weeks old!

These cuties are officially three weeks old and loving life! Eyes wide open and growing more alert and active each day.

Skye's puppies are four weeks old!

These 5 little gaffers are keeping Mama Skye really busy...good thing they are on soft solids to help fill 'em up. The litter tray is a big hit!!...they are getting quite good at using it! They even went outside for an hour on the grass in the shade yesterday and enjoyed the new feel under their little paws.

Polly's puppies are 7 weeks old!

Fun times pass so quickly and these awesome littles will be temperament tested next week and allocated to their new families. We know that these Polly & Winston puppies will give much joy and puppy kisses to one and all!!

Polly's puppies are six weeks old!

These puppies are loving life,  loving the sunshine and loving the feel of new grass under their little paws.  

Each day bring new experiences and sounds to make sure they are well ready for the big world around them.....

Skye's puppies are two weeks old!

These roly poly butterballs are certainly thriving and growing plumper as the days go by. Their eyes aren't quite open but won't be long. Next week they will start to enjoy a bigger home and more socializing. Life only gets better!!

Polly's Puppies are Four Weeks Old!

Loveable, huggable and just the sweetest.  These mini babies are loving life and all the attention they are getting.  They are doing so well at getting to the litter box and even starting to recognize that the whistle means munch time!

Skye's puppies are one week old!

Plump little roly poly puppies who are thriving so well on Mama Skye's milk and love....They are already quite active and can squiggle from one side of the bed to the other to find mama when it's time to eat.....

Polly's puppies are two weeks old!

The first 2 weeks puppies just love to sleep between feedings, however some are starting to open their eyes and see the world in a whole new way.  They are now trying to waddle from point A to point B and explore their little surroundings.  Next week they move into bigger quarters in the kitchen so life will be more exciting for us and these little sweetums, too.  

Polly's puppies are one week old!

Here at Koocanusa we are thrilled with Polly & Winston's family of littles!  The 4 boys & 2 girls have spent their first week just relaxing with Mama Polly.  Polly loves her little ones and is a great mom. The puppies are happy, plump and growing....