Sky's puppies have been allocated!

These puppies are heading home next weekend to meet their forever families and we know they are all very excited!

River's puppies have been allocated!

Stella's puppies have been allocated!

Jersey's puppies have been allocated!

These babies are heading home in this weekend! We are so excited for their families and we can't wait to see everyone smiling with puppy cuddles on pick-up day!

Skye's puppies are six weeks old!

You can bet that there will be much puppy love going around when these puppies get matched up with their forever families. So alert, so huggable and so squeezable!  Time goes by quickly and before we know it....Allocation Day!!

Skye's puppies are five weeks old!

Six little bright scamps who never cease to amuse us with their playful antics! Happy, happy, from when they get up in the morning till bedtime. They are so curious and love to attack any noise maker stuffy!  They still love Mama's attention and a cuddle or two, but as they become more independent Mama has more time for lounging on the couch.

Stella's puppies are six weeks old! =]

These gorgeous puppies are six weeks old and loving life! They get a lot of run around the house throughout the day to help them learn a few boundaries and have a little fun on these really cold days! Their favourite right now is a tunnel they can run through or sleep in haha! They are going to be getting their temperaments tested next week and the next time you will see these cuties is when they are allocated to their forever homes! =] 

River's puppies are six weeks old!

With winter still holding on these puppies are staying quite warm with their colourful toques and scarfs.

They are constantly wagging their tails and definitely have a massive lovability  factor!  These pups not only entertain us each day, but also have the ability to melt the heart of anyone who visits them. With Avidog texting next week families are anxiously waiting to hear which of these sweethearts will become a loving member of their family.

Jersey's puppies are six weeks old today!

You might roll up the rim to win a coffee or donut, but... its a for sure thing that the families who are getting

these Jersey pups are winners all around!  With their playful mannerisms and stellar personalities they will make anyone's heart skip a beat.  Next week is Avidog Testing time and then it's ALLOCATION TIME!!!

Skye's puppies are four weeks old!

At 4 weeks these puppies have adapted well to eating softened food, the litter tray and longer time periods without mama.  They interact so well with each other and now that they have found their "bark" they love to use it to get the attention of their litter mates. If that doesn't work, chewing on someone's ear is bound to get a reaction.  Weather permitting, they may even get some time outside on the deck this week.  Lots of fun, lots of changes!

They say every dog has it's day and these pups definitely enjoy every day.  Happy, bouncy, big loves!  They are constantly wagging their tails and try to climb up our legs so we can pick them up for cuddles and licky licks! We are so in love with these cutie patooties!

Stella's puppies are five weeks old!

Stella's puppies are five weeks old!

These gorgeous puppies are five weeks old and are showing off their temperaments a little more each day! They have been upgraded to the big xpen sweet in Dani's family's kitchen and are hearing and seeing new things every day! They are loving food and are great at potty training! 

Jersey's puppies are five weeks old this week!

Time flys when we are having fun...but not just for us, but for these busy little puppies.  Each day is a new experience and new mischief to get into!  They are so curious and full of life.  In just 3 weeks, the puppies will go to their new homes and we know that each new family will get a most loving and devoted companion!!

Skye's puppies are three weeks old!

Cutie patooties!  Such sweet rotund little gaffers!  These pups are waddling to the food dish and even trying out the puppy litter tray this week. Mama loves 'em, but is happy that they are becoming more independent and now she can spend a little "me" time!

Stella's puppies are four weeks old!

These puppies have reached their halfway mark! They are walking upright on all fours and have the hang of eating foods and the litter box! They still love mom the most and cuddling with one another, but they are growing more vocal now and are much more playful! We can't wait to see their temperaments start to shine through! 

River's puppies are four weeks old!

Such cute little pooches and so unique in their own way. Yes, their little personalities are really starting to show now and with their cute smoochy expressive faces they make my heart melt. These 7 fellas are definitely a delight to watch as they interact with each other and get to know their surroundings.

Rose's puppies are six weeks old!

Uh oh! These beauties are just one week from their temperament testing and they will rock it! They are all so much fun and have been so socialized and loved! We are super excited to test them and see how well they do! Their families are maybe a little more excited then we are just to see who is their little fur baby! Good luck with testing puppies! 

Jersey's puppies are four weeks old!

These Jersey pups are as playful as a morning breeze, with just a hint of mischiefness!  They love it in the kitchen and entertain us all day....barking at each other, harassing each other, climbing on top of each other and finally dog piling for a snooze together....

Lady Legacy's puppies have been allocated!

These puppies have finally found a family after their awesome temperament testing this weekend! Their families are all super excited to meet them and they are excited to head to their forever homes next weekend! 

Skye's puppies are two weeks old!

These little snookums are so bright eyed already and trying to get up on their fat little legs! They seem to enjoy the music we play to entertain them and I think The Beach Boys are their favourite!! Next week bigger living quarters and more socializing!