Hi! We're Gail and Gary Groeneveld, owners of Prairie Doodles. We've been raising Australian Labradoodles on the Groeneveld family farm for more than a decade, since we first fell in love with the happy-go-lucky breed in 2004.

Prairie Doodles meet us family farm

Together we have raised four wonderful sons, Josh, Levi, Matt and Jacob, on the same working farm that Gary was raised on. Now that our kids have left the nest and married our four new daughter-in-laws, Katie, Bryony, Dani and Jessica, we are slowly getting new little puppy socializers.😊 We are delighted to be able to breed the Australian Labradoodle, one of the most gorgeous dogs ever produced. We first learned about the breed when we were looking for a new companion following a farewell to our beloved Labrador Retriever, Strider. When we found the Australian Labradoodle, we were in love; they are the perfect combination of intelligence, affection, playfulness, athleticism, and happy-go-lucky attitude. Not only did we want one, we wanted to start breeding them!

We found our first breeding girl, Lucy, from Down Under Labradoodles in the United States and then we got our sweet Ellie Mae from Morningsmile Labradoodles in B.C. A few months later we added our beloved Lindy from Kim at Manorlake Labradoodles in Washington and thus began our breeding adventure.

We have learned a lot and continue to learn every day, always striving to improve and grow. The dogs have brought us lots of laughter and tears, but after more than 10 years of breeding, we are still completely in love. We're so happy to be producing beautiful, non-shedding, active, companions for families, singles and couples from all over North America and beyond.



Prairie Doodles puppies are raised on one of two family-run rural properties: on the Groeneveld farm south of Calgary, Alberta or on the Koocanoosa, B.C., acreage of Gail's co-worker, Carmen. Together as a team, we raise beautiful pups!


Gail heads up the breeding program at Prairie Doodles. She's no stranger to puppy kisses, and is happy to answer your questions. Gary helps with the many chores that come with raising active dogs (he's an expert poop-scooper!). Gail couldn't do it without him. 



Carmen joined Prairie Doodles as Gail's co-worker in 2009. Together with her husband, Bruce, Carmen helps with breeding and raises some of our puppies on their 15-acre property in Koocanusa, B.C. 

Prairie Doodles meet us, Dani


Gail's son, Matt, his wife, Dani, and their son, Oliver, live on the Groeneveld property and lend a hand wherever they can. 



Lucca, Carmen's grandson, is the chief puppy cuddler at Prairie Doodles! He takes his job very seriously and helps make sure your puppy is socialized with children from day one. Lucca might just have the best job around.