Cream Puff's Molesley

Registration number: ALAA-039963
Colour and coat: Red/apricot with white markings, fleece coat
Size: Medium. 19" tall and 32 lbs

Where to start!? Molesley is everything we want in a stud dog. He comes all the way from Cream Puff Labradoodles in New Jersey and we couldn't be happier. He's a gorgeous red with the most adorable white markings ever! His white paws and white mask are just part of his charm. He's honestly perfect! He is social, loves people and the other dogs, and loves his "job." He's just a chill kind of guy. He's sort of like a cartoon character with his floppy easygoing temperament :)  Molesley loves going to the Blackie School with Dog Tales (via Literacy for Life) so he can help kids gain confidence in reading skills. He’s a very good listener especially when you are petting him :) Thanks Don Robinson at Cream Puff Labradoodles for our gorgeous guy! We co-own Molesley with our friends, Darren and Tammie at Earth Angels Labradoodles.

If you are a breeder interested in a pairing with Molesley, please contact us via our breeders page

Health testing: 
OFA hips: Good
Wallace hips: Excellent
OFA elbows: Normal
EIC: Clear
vWD: Clear
PRA: Clear
CAER: Normal
DM: Clear

Prairie’s Bernard the Saint “Bernie”

Registration number: ALAA-043746
Colour and coat: Caramel and white parti, thick fleece coat
Size: Medium. 19" tall and 36 lbs

Bernie is our very special boy! He’s the son of our happy Clementine and our studly Bert and is really and truly the best of both. He’s made us so proud: he’s super outgoing, he’s awesome with other dogs, he’s put together really well and has the perfect parti markings. He’s part of the reading program at the Blackie school, along with Molesley, and he just loves sitting with the kids. He snuggles right in and has been known to have a nap or two :) Bernie lives just down the road with our groomer Michelle (at Country Cuts). Chris and their kids. He gets to go to work every day with Chris and is quite the celebrity around these parts :) We are super excited with Bernie's first babies, which were born July 2016.

If you are a breeder interested in a pairing with Bernie, please contact us via our breeders page

Health testing:
OFA hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear
PRA: Clear
vWD: Clear
EIC: Carrier
CAER: Normal

Golden Gate’s Lord Byron "Wilbur"

Registration number: ALAA-052335
Colour and coat: Chocolate, wavy/straight fleece
Size: Large-medium.

We are very, very excited to have this fella join us here at Prairie Doodles! He came from Golden Gate Labradoodles in San Francisco and is now living the life in Canada. He’s a gorgeous, stunning boy! He brings to us some of the older, tried-and-true, Australian lines that we’ve always loved. We are looking forward to having some gorgeous puppies with him. He’s very chill and laid-back and has wonderful therapy qualities to him. He is confident, outgoing and happy :) We hope he’ll join Molesley and Bernie and take part in the Dog Tales reading program at the Blackie school. We co-own him with our friends Carol and Greg at Notch Hills Labradoodles so he’ll get to go back and forth between Blackie and Salmon Arm. THANK you Kristin at Golden Gate Labradoodles for this awesome boy! 

If you are a breeder interested in a pairing with Wilbur, please contact us via our breeders page

Health testing: 
Hips: PennHip 70th percentile; Dr.Wallace: Good
Elbows: Normal
EIC: Normal/clear
PRA: Normal/clear
vWD: Normal/clear
DM: Normal/clear
IC (Incorrect Coat Gene): Clear

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