If you're interested in making a Prairie Doodles puppy part of your family, we'd like to know a little more about you! Please fill out the below online application form to help us learn about your family, your day-to-day lifestyle, and your expectations about owning a dog. Your answers will help us match you with a puppy that compliments your lifestyle. 

If you're filling out this form, it means you've already put a lot of thought into what owning a dog involves. A dog is a lifetime commitment and is a relationship that takes time, love and patience to nurture. If you are ready to fully embrace the responsibility and ongoing financial investment of owning a dog, congratulations — you will be rewarded with a cherished member of your family who will bring you many years of companionship and happiness. 

As you fill out the form, please share as much as you wish, and don't hesitate to email prairiedoodles@gmail.com if you have questions.

Once we receive your completed application, we will review the answers and get back to you within 48 hours. Please familiarize yourself with our adoption process to learn more about what to expect next. 

Finding the right family for each puppy is a big responsibility and I take it quite seriously. It all pays off when I get to watch families meet their new puppy for the first time. I love that moment.
— Gail, owner of Prairie Doodles
Prairie Doodles puppy meets family
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