I know we thanked you many times when we picked up Ferguson, but I wanted to send a follow-up thank you. Now that we have had Gus with us for a month, our gratefulness for him and for what you have done for us has only increased! 

You really did pair us with the perfect pup. He is full of energy and yet laid back and up for new people, places, and activities. He is so smart (at least we think he is), and he is already sitting, lying down, staying, and saying hello with his paws. He has almost got roll over, too, although he struggles to make it all the way over most of the time. He has moved through his biting us stage as he has learned (and still is learning) to mouth us as gently as he can with his sharp puppy teeth. 

We LOVE it when he grabs a toy, crawls into our laps and chews away or tugs gently while still nestled up to us. He is so sweet, and we are always getting compliments on how cute or handsome he is. We are all learning so quickly how to be a family, and he has been such a wonderful addition (even though he is tons of work) to our home. Coming home to him makes us smile no matter what our day at work was like. We cannot wait until he has all his shots and we can take him to parks, the mountains, and the ravine by our house. We know he will love it, and we love watching him play, jump, and be the happy puppy he is. 

Thank you for doing your part to bring us the joy we have with Gus. We love him so much, and we are looking forward to many fun years ahead as we make him part of our family. 

Sincerely, Brittany & Joey


Hatrick is the son of Flaherty and Molesley. Hatrick and his family moved to a 15 acre property just out of the city and are now the proud owners of a pet kennel.  Hatrick will soon have lots of friends to keep him company.  We are doing some renos to the kennel to make it disability friendly so that Jordan can work some out there without accessibility concerns and making sure the buildings are a safe, modern environment for both pets and staff.  We are designing a “Hatrick inspired” playground to put in one of the newly constructed runs with some pet playground equipment and obstacles to keep them occupied and active.  Everyone loves a new challenge!

Hatrick has already worked out so wonderful for our family.  He is now whining or barking to get my attention if Jordan has seizure episodes during the nigyht and won’t give up til I come check and tell him it’s ok to go back to sleep – and all this from his crate next to Jordan’s bed - he is so intuitive.  We have been researching additional therapy dog training for after his first birthday but already between the companionship and seizure detection he has surpassed our expectations.  

As you can see from the pictures Hatrick’s favorite place to be, next to by Jordan’s side, is in the car on the way to the hockey rink.  All the kids of all Brady’s teams know him and he spreads his love from one family to the next.  He is so chill in the car … he’s just along for the ride.  He’s outgrowing Jordan carrying him but apparently (again from the pictures) Jordan hasn’t given up on it yet.

 We are loving every minute with him – thank you so much.

 Ps.  The name for our new kennel when we re-open is …. “Hatrick’s House”.  How perfect is that… I can hear it now …. we’re going on vacation and you are going to Hatrick’s House for the week to play!!!!

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, cooper


Gail at Prairie Doodles has been wonderful. We purchased our first pup, Cooper (William/Sadie) as a 9 week old pup. He was everything we asked for and then some. He is Mr. Personality and with it comes his quirks and stubbornness but we love him! Cooper had a 13 year old sister and when she passed away we decided that one dog was enough. That lasted a few weeks and then I wrote to Gail and said that maybe in a few months I would think about getting one of the moms after Gail retired them. We weren’t quite ready for another pup. Of course, as things happen, Gail contacted me 3 weeks after I called her to tell me that one of her pups was coming back to her. He was 6 months old. I wanted an older female, but when Gail sent me a picture of him….I was hooked. I thought if Cooper liked him, we would consider it.  

We drove down to Calgary (we are in Edmonton) and Gail walked over with little Oscar (Bernard/Maya), he walked right up to us, friendly as can be, Cooper and Oscar got along and I said yup, he is ours! He was in someone else’s home for a few months, Gail's for a few weeks, so I was bit worried that he would be depressed for awhile. BOY was I wrong. As Gail will attest to, I took his leash and he trotted right along beside me, jumped into the car and never looked back. He seemed to be right where he belonged. Oscar is very sweet and so well behaved and we are so happy Gail called.

Gail has always been available to answer questions, and now even 6 years later I know that she really cares about the families that have bought from her.  I recommend her to everyone that asks me where i got my dogs (lots of people ask).  

Joanne and Len Klausner

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Fergus


Fergus is seven months now, we are totally in love with him, and completely amazed at how smart he is. 

How smart? He learns a new skill within two days, knows some commands in two languages, and passed the first level of obedience after only four classes! He loves to learn, but also picks up on things that I don't teach him, like the sound my computer makes shutting down means it's time to go home (He comes to work with me and sleeps under my desk). 

He has the most easygoing, calm and goofy personality that charms everyone who meets him. We get so many compliments on his cuteness and temperament. My friends and family fight over who gets to babysit him when we go away. 

Fergus is a very happy pup and so adaptable to whatever we are doing. He loves to play, go for walks, chill out while we're working, and go for car rides. He has no issues staying with babysitters, just happy to be with people who love him. He's also very curious about everything, and will just sit and watch when he sees something new. His favourite thing in the whole world - ice cubes!! 

Gail is a wonderful match-maker, we couldn't have asked for a better puppy, and he seems to love his new family too, he follows us everywhere - even the bathroom.

Pam and Fergus

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Baxter


Just wanted to update you on our dog, Baxter.  He was one of 4 of Clementine and Bert's pups.   He's a true joy and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Not only is he the worlds cutest dog, he's also very smart and lovable.  Housetraining was so easy with him!

Everyone that gets to know him wants a dog "just like Baxter", because he's calm, happy, and gentle.  I've referred Prairie Doodles a lot!

Thanks again for choosing him for us!


Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Mercedes


Mercedes came to us December 2011, this happy bundle of joy has one mission in life which is to make new friends wherever she goes, it was not long before we were yearning for another Australian Labradoodle  and our family was completed when we picked up our Miss Haylee at the Vancouver Airport in August of 2012, she is such a little darling.  She loves us unconditionally, and idolizes her big sister Mercedes as well as being Kelvin’s best buddy.  Gail and Carmen could not have picked a better match for our family. 

These girls have enriched our lives, gotten us out and about where we meet lots of people who ask questions about our girls and the breed so often that our walks take twice as long lol.   They are just as content to lay in our laps while we enjoy our morning coffee, go for a drive, watch t.v. at night or just lay in bed.  We often tell people they are our blood pressure medication.  Both girls are so funny and loving it is hard to remember what our life was like before they came to us.  Through times of stress and worry they have comforted us, they are so intuitive we are amazed by their sweetness.  We have owned dogs for many years but never any like these two.

When you get a puppy from Prairie Doodles, you are not just getting a sweet little bundle of joy, you are joining a community.  Gail, Carmen and the members of their family care about their puppies, they answer questions, provide information long after the day you receive your new baby.  Almost 5 years later we still keep in contact.

There are a few things that you are not told about Australian Labradoodles, they should have a warning label which reads:  Caution having one doodle in your life could lead to the need for another.  If you do not own a kingsize bed, you might want to get one before bringing home your puppy, also recliners are a must so that your doodle can snuggle in while you read the paper and drink your morning beverage. 

We thank Prairie Doodles daily for our girls, please keep doing what your are doing, you have brought so much joy to so many people.
Andrea, Kelvin, Mercedes and Haylee George

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Wispa


I got my Labradoodle , Wispa, from Gail and Carmen 5 years ago, Wispa is 6 in November. They are the most conscientious and caring breeders I have ever met,they truly love all their dogs. Gail has an amazing knack of knowing all the dogs parents and siblings!Gail always matches her dogs to the people who want them, so I got a quieter laid back dog, who is almost horizontal sometimes!

My life changed dramatically when I got my Wispa, I am single, no kids so my dog is my baby. She is there to love and comfort me through all the things that may happen in life.This dog is an angel….. well except with skateboards where she is a devil possessed…but the gal has to have character and we are working on that.I never trained a puppy before but, with the training that is done before you get them , they are well on the way and are so bright and intelligent it doesn't take long to get a well behaved dog.

Wispa has been healthy and happy since i have had her and to day still is, I know with all the checks Gail and Carmen do before they breed the dogs they rule out any problems before any mating.

Wispa's mum was Abby and her dad Hero, I have since found a half brother in North Carolina and a cousin in Texas! along with Richie, her half brother in Calgary, who we meet up with regularly and they have a blast.

We live in the mountains so in the snow a lot of the year, she loves it, as she loves the water when its the summer to cool off, she swims really well. We travel all over on vacation and Wispa is always the one people stop and say hello to ,she loves everyone ! She is especially good with children and was wonderful with my aging Mom, a wonderful family dog or wonderful company for a single person.

Jane Cudsen

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Taf


I know that you don't likely need referrals, but we can't speak highly enough about the wonderful experience that we had during the process of acquiring Taf. He is a delight to be with, which is a testament to your hard work in matching the pups.

Thanks again,
The Samuel/Pipella family

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Cole


Following the death of our lab rescue dog in 2013, we realized that we needed to have another dog in our lives with many of the characteristics of the deceased but without the shedding. Our quest led us to the Australian Labradoodle and in turn Prairie Doodles.

A very positive telephone conversation with Gail led to a visit by Beth. Gail had obviously paid attention to what we were looking for in a family pet because Beth was introduced to Cinder. She was just what we were looking for. And we immediately reserved a spot in her next litter. We were kept apprised of developments and once the puppies were born the weekly pictures were certainly appreciated. Gail also accommodated a puppy visit prior to assignment.

Cole has just turned one and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He slept through the night from day 1. He is very athletic i.e., quick, agile, and a great leaper. He is about to embark on his running career with Gord. He learned to swim this summer and really looked forward to that activity. Despite all the energy people often commented on how calm he was. He is very affectionate. He is also well socialized with other dogs (delights in going to the dog parks) and people. Characteristic of the breed, his intelligence is revealed in many ways, eg, obedience and trick classes. However, he does have a mischievous which ofter involves the theft of personal items of clothing and the subsequent game of keep away. He is always ready to play.

We could wax on about what a wonderful dog he is. We could not have asked for a better match for us. We thank Gail for that and have freely recommended Prairie Doodles to anyone who has been looking for a canine companion.

Beth and Gord Lindsay

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, birch bark


I wanted to share how great our life is because of our very handsome Birch Bark (Doc/Lily).

I watched your website for over 9 months to find our second Australian Labradoodle. I loved the way you groom your dogs and also the lifestyles that they live. I knew that you would be the perfect choice for our 2nd pup and it didn't bother me to buy from across the border because you are a visual breeder. You love pictures as much as I do and that was another important factor in my choice.

Birch was 1 of the 2 remaining pups in a litter that we originally hadn't chosen from. He caught my eye but I tried to push him out of my thoughts for about a week. I finally called you to talk about him and described our family life and our current pup, Milo and you felt that he would be a great match. I had said that Milo wasn't much of a guard dog and that I really wanted one that would bark at things to warn me of impending danger. Well, Birch is my guard dog. He is a perfect match for Milo and for us. Milo immediately took to him and they've been inseparable since day one. I think Birch loves me the most but he's been great with our daughter and plays rough with my husband. He's a cuddler and I could hold him for hours while he slept. I don't know if he does it for ME or if I'm doing something for HIM.

I can't say thank you enough except for saying that I wish we could have many more of these pups from you. Maybe we could come house sit for you when you go on your next sub-tropical vacation. Of course, I'd need some puppy love while I'm there. Heehee. Birch loves to talk when we get to the dog park or while getting ready for a walk. He's extremely obedient and patient. It's hard to imagine that he'll be 3 years old next month.

Have a great day! I'll include a few pictures for you. I hope you have this great a relationship with all your families. I've really enjoyed having a friendship grow with you and Carmen. Can't forget Carmen.

Be blessed!
Michelle Hanks

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews Zoey


I spent 6 months researching dogs and dog breeders. When I found Prairie Doodles I knew it was the right fit for our family.
You were amazingly patient answering all of our questions and listening to our concerns. When you picked Zoey for us my daughter was over the moon with excitement. She is brilliant, she does amazing tricks and is eager to learn new ones all of the time.
She is also happy just to lean in and get some love and attention when ever she feels like it. She has been such an amazing addition to our family that my husband wants another Zoey!

Thank you Gail and everyone at Prairie Doodles,

Dave, Nadine and Rakiya Johnson

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Kora


Our family welcomed the gift of a curly chocolate brown Australian labradoodle to our 2013 Christmas holiday season! We named her Kora - which is an Australian aboriginal name meaning "companion". This word truly describes our special pet who shares her love, faithfulness, playfulness and joy with us each day! Our small bundle of 5 pounds is now up to 18 pounds and is that perfect "mini" size we had hoped for as we live in the city!

Kora is extremely social, happy and playful around people, as well as other dogs, just like her Mamma (Clementine). Her fun and loving temperament was JUST what we hoped for. She greets our family, and visitors with such joy and she is gradually learning the proper "meeting" etiquette of "sit!" Kora's chocolate fleece coat has gorgeous red highlights from her Daddy (Timber) - and it has not shed one strand!

Kora is a smart dog and quickly mastered the use of the "great outdoors" and also settled into being "kenneled" at night time within 2 evenings with very little trouble. She loved playing outside in the snow last winter, even when it felt too cold for us! As she grew up we'd often see her tossing the snow around with her nose, and happily jumping around in the drifts!
Kora lives for her walks – especially to the nearby off leash park where we like to meet up with the other "doodles" and canine friends. She also loves chewing sticks (don't all the doodles???) and enjoys games like "chase", which she usually wins because she is so quick! Her favourite toy since puppy stage, has been empty water or pop bottles. These bottles skitter around on the floor and she delights in chasing and chewing them! Going out to Grandpa's farm is also a highlight in her week where she can have some freedom and also hang out with Pumpkin the cat!

Kora definitely benefited from puppy obedience classes and has generalized the teachings very well!

We are constantly stopped and asked about Kora, and her breed, when out for walks. She has such an endearing manner that people love her! We cannot thank Gail, and the rest of the Prairie Doodles family, for allocating our beloved Kora to us!

Don, Kathy, Jeremy and Brianna Richards

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Albus


As you probably know from all my e-mails, I can't say enough about how perfect Albus is. We had been waiting for a dog for a long time and Albus more than exceeded our expectations. He has such a wonderful personality, he is so sweet and affectionate, but he is also very playful. I think his favorite thing ever is to combine playing with cuddling--he will bring his toys over to me to shake and play tug all while sitting in my lap. We have loved watching Albus grow and now he is old enough to go to the park we love watching his enthusiasm as he bounces (literally bounces, not just runs) with other dogs. People are always stopping us in the park to say how cute and well behaved Albus is, and what a beautiful colour his coat is--which is all very true :)

Albus is such a smart little guy. He can do all sorts of tricks including putting his toys away when he is asked and he got the hang of peeing outside within a week of arriving at our house. He came to us crate trained and he never whined or whimpered in his crate at night even on his first night with us. He really wants to please us so training has been such a pleasure with him.

Our whole experience with Prairie Doodles has been exceptional. It is evident that you love all your dogs and puppies and it is so nice to feel that you genuinely care about your puppies even after they leave you for their new homes. I am so impressed with how promptly you return e-mails and being able to see Albus grow via photos every week from when he was born was amazing. We have kept the weekly photo tradition alive and it is so fun to look back at the tiny little puppy Albus was when we picked him up and compare him to the wonderful fluff-ball he is now.

We love, love, love, love Albus. Thank you for picking him for us. Bestest dog ever!!!

Emma, Richard and Albus

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Jada


Just a few words on how pleased we are with Prairie Doodles. Right from day one when we decided to add another doodle to our family you guided us along in our journey to picking out a puppy that would mesh well in our family. I loved the fact you were patient with me with all my questions and concerns right up to the deciding moment when we said yes to our Jada. You did an amazing job picking out her temperament and personality as she has a beautiful personality.
 Jada is such a sweet girl from day one as she is smart, calm and very funny. I never knew a dog could be funny but she is and she manages to keep a smile on our faces daily. We feel very blessed to have Jada thanks to you!

Evelyn and Tim Sorensen

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Ellie


Thanks Gail for selecting the our sweet Ellie for our family. We appreciate all the time and attention you took in answering every email question,as well as all the photo updates from her first day of life to the day she was flown to us in Toronto.
We researched many breeders for almost a year, and when we came upon Prairie Doodles, and seeing how much love and pride you have for all dogs, it was an easy decision.

Our Ellie is so smart, funny and most of all, super lovable. She's been such a beautiful addition to our family, we just love her to bits!

Thank you.
The Santacroce Family

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Salty


We have Salty for over two years now, he is a joy to have. Salty is everything we dreamed off and more, what a fantastic pet and companion. Prairie Doodles have provided us with a quality dog, a healthy dog, a happy dog. Salty had to travel quite a distance to be with us but the staff at Prairie Doodles made sure he was ready for the trip, he arrived safe, happy and healthy to start his life with us. We could not be happier.

Brian and Carmella Singleton

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Fozzie


Good morning Gail. Fozzie is turning 7 months old tomorrow and it is astonishing how quickly he has grown from that tiny little creature that we picked up last fall and the big boy he is now (40 lbs).

He is still a puppy in many ways and full of fun and mischief. He has known nothing but play, warmth, good food, love and affection for his whole life. He gets at least an hour of exploring the river valley trails every day, often with his best friend Roadie (our neighbours dog). We come home tired but exalted, Fozzie from wrestling and running with his buddy and me from watching their comical antics. He has warm cuddly beds on all three floors of our house and he goes from one to the other depending on where Mommy is working or resting. He is so young that he knows nothing about spring or summer yet. He only really knows snow and cold but he loves it. Even in the coldest weather, he goes outside often (yeah doggie door) to lay around in the snow to watch the birds, trees and sky.

We have grown to love Fozzie so much, Gail. OK. It only took a few minutes. He is the happiest, sweetest, funniest, most affectionate and loving dog in the world. He is unbelievably obedient for his age and comes to my call even when he's playing or having fun with another dog. He is a little rascal though when I am trying to put my shoes on or getting dressed, often running off with my stuff so that I will chase him and scold him gently. He is NEVER bad by getting into trouble when he is left alone and he has the full run of the house and yard when we are away. We have never left him by himself for very long and he is waiting for us on the step when we return, joyfully greeting us as if we were gone for days.

Thank you, Gail for this most precious boy. He is the best dog in the world.

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Marli


The Hyshka family is so blessed with our Marli! She is doing very well. The vet was very impressed with her temperament – how social, attentive and well-behaved she is for her age. Marli has learned very quickly – she can sit, go down, shake a paw, give high five, and walk well on a leash.

She enjoys romping in our backyard, going in her paddling pool, digging carrots and potatoes from the garden, chewing sticks and most things, and especially her new family. She is always so happy to be with us and she makes us laugh every day. She sleeps through the night in her kennel.

Marli has had four puppy play dates and many visitors. They all comment how beautiful she is. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog and forever friend.

We love her so much!!
The Hyshka family

Prairie Doodles Australian Labradoodle reviews, Bailey


I wanted to send you a quick update on Bailey as she just turned one on November 22. It's hard to believe that she is one year old already; it seems like just yesterday we were meeting Gail in Fish Creek to pick her up. She has become such a part of our family in the last 10 months. My fiancé and I just love her and could not imagine not having this happy little girl waking us up in the mornings or running to say hello when we walk through the door!! I never considered myself a "softy" but Bailey definitely has me wrapped around her paw.

It's amazing how many comments we get at the dog park on how pretty she is and what a great demeanor she has, people just love that curly red coat of hers.

Anyways, I could go on and on. Here are some pictures of Bailey taken in the last few months.
Thanks so much for picking Curly Red Girl to join our family.

All the best,
Kris, Margaret and Bailey


I just wanted to send you a quick note on Monty's 1st birthday to say how wonderful he is, and how happy we were to enjoy his birthday with him!

Monty is such a great dog - so playful and fun, friendly with people and other dogs, happy, gorgeous, smart, and very sweet and cuddly. He still loves to relax completely on his back for a tummy rub - even better if it's on the sofa! He also likes to watch TV with us on the sofa, and curls up nearby to sleep wherever we are. He has slept through the night since the day he arrived, and even sleeps in in the morning. Of course, he has his michievous and impulsive side as well (loves to steal socks and mitts, and take off after squirrels...). He graduated from Basic Obedience at the Ottawa Canine School in October - he did very well in the classes and is a great favourite with the trainers. Monty loves going to the dog park, and is a very speedy runner - he adores playing with other dogs - running, jumping and wrestling.

I'm attaching a few recent photos - Monty playing with a standard poodle at the dog park today, Monty with our son David, Monty on the sofa, and Monty wearing his Ottawa Senators bandana. We love Monty's size. I think he's about 21 inches at the shoulder, and last time we weighed him, he was about 45 pounds. His chocolate colour, beautiful coat and medium size are very unusual for labradoodles here, so we get lots of people asking about him. In fact, he's very often mistaken for a Portuguese Water Dog, which are very popular here, and about the same size.

Hope things are going well with all your new puppies, and thank you again for choosing Monty for us – we love him!!



We just wanted to touch base with you, mostly to say "thank-you." We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved "Mr. Magoo" our sweet Whippet. We are so grateful that we reached out to you, and Prairie Doodles. Oliver, our Labradoodle has been such an amazing addition to our lives.

Thanks for listening to "our" story, we are so grateful to you, and Prairie Doodles. We continue to enjoy "Oliver" and everything he has brought to our lives. He is very happy boy and we adore him to the extreme. We couldn't imagine a more appropriate companion!!!
We should say, however, that we never thought we would have a dog that attracts more attention than Mr. Magoo. Mr. Magoo attracted a lot of attention, but Oliver literally stops traffic on a regular basis. In fact, our time on our daily Signal Hill walk is influenced by the number of people who stop us to ask what kind of dog he is, or otherwise comment on him or his appearance. We haven't conducted a survey, but we are pretty sure he is starting to become a bigger attraction than the whales who frequent the area!!! He has regular fan club, who comment if they haven't seen him in a while!!! Please find attached a recent picture of Oliver enjoying his seatbelt and Mr. Magoo at his last big, public appearance.

Thanks Again,
Keri, Cam, Jordan and Oliver


We wanted you to know what a treasure Phaedra continues to be. She certainly loves to snuggle up with us on the couch & watch TV, & is happy as a clam squeezing onto my lap to be brushed & combed. She is also Miss Personality Plus! She loves so run, play fetch, sit, lie "down", give a paw, roll over, stand, come, or do what ever else she can figure out might earn her a treat or a big happy response.

At Puppy Playtime at Sit Happens, on Thursday nights, she spends as much time greeting people as playing with other puppies, & is in the shy puppy half. Even there she runs away as often as she engages with the other pups.

Most of the time it's pretty quiet for her here, but when she does get to meet another puppy one-on-one she's thrilled to play.
Every time she meets someone, she thinks it's her new best friend. Of course, with our family & friends, they are Phaedra's new best friends, but passers-by on walks get the same treatment.

She's so smart. She figures out how to get out of gates better than me. She knows that when I am approaching her & I point to behind her, she needs to back up & give me more space. When I unbuckle her harness in the car & tell her "wait", she doesn't move until I tell her it's OK to come. It's fun to take her in the car because she's happy to get in & buckled up; happy stay quietly in place while we drive & to wait till she's allowed to get out. Then she's cheerful as can be when she gets out--wherever we are.
Phaedra brings us smiles & laughs every day. I'm so glad she's part of our family.

All the best,


Sam and I wanted to give you a Penny update (13 weeks now). She came to us almost completely potty trained and now makes no accidents at all inside our apartment. Even our first night together was a breeze...only one whimper to let us know she needed to pee, but otherwise slept soundly all night. She's so well socialized with other dogs and all people she comes across...at dog parks she's not shy to run up and playfully greet new dogs, big or small. She's not scared of the big city at all, and in fact seems to enjoy all the excitement around her and the attention she gets from passersby. Penny saw her first blizzard last week with howling winds and lightning storms, and she didn't seem to mind it at all...in fact, she spent the past week romping in the snow and couldn't get enough of it. It's obvious you devoted time and attention into socializing our lucky Penny and preparing her to be a wonderful addition to our family, and we just want to thank you for all the hard work you put into getting us a happy healthy pup.

Gil and Samantha Barazani


I just wanted to give you an update on Lily! Lily is so beautiful, smart and has a wonderful loving personality. I just can’t even wait to get home from work to play with her! She is so smart that after the first week home she had already stopped peeing in the house and now she actually sits and scratches at the door when she has to go out. She is now starting to sit on command, she responds to her name and comes when she is called, and can now jump up on the couch, which has taken her a little while to get the hang of! Every morning when I wake up she is laying right beside me with her head on my pillow and her body under the covers it is just hilarious! We have introduced her with some of our family and friends dogs and she interacts with them so well and it is so cute watching them play, even though sometimes Lily is relentless with the older dogs running around them and barking until they play with her lol! We took her to see the vet and she said all is well, we also have her booked in next weekend to get her second set of shots! I can’t even explain in words how much my boyfriend and I love her, and how happy she has made our home! I want to send you some pictures but it seems every picture I have of her is blurry because she is always sitting still until the flash and then she moves lol! So I will send pictures as soon as I have a clear one. I just wanted to thank you, Lily is the perfect addition to our family and she makes everyday better!



Long time no talk so I thought I'd update you on how Ozzie is doing with his diabetic service training. In a word, fantastic! He is just turned 8 months old and is fairly consistent being able to smell when Alex has a diabetic low. He is less consistent with the highs but still gets some of them. We are training him to scent blood sugars between 90 and 200 and it is amazing to watch. He was able to do this starting at less than 6 months old. We are also working hard on the obedience work, he is super smart and the star of the class. Our trainer is so happy with this breed for diabetic work that he is now looking at acquiring labradoodles because they have good noses and are so darn smart. Anyway, we start the real training here in a few weeks when he is 9 months old but he has made a great start. We love having him although I must admit he can be a naughty puppy at times so it is like having another child.
I hope you are well. As usual, your puppy photos are so cute. Of course, we like the black ones.

Here is a picture of our daughter with Ozzie. He is now about 21 inches tall and 33 pounds!

The Collie Family


I want to start off by saying again how grateful I am to you for choosing the right guy for us and for all the hard work you put into producing a wonderful doodle for us.

Charlie came home the first day and adjusted as though he had been here forever. He did not cry or whine one bit his first night and still is exceptional in his crate at bedtime.

He definitely loves attention from whomever enters our home. He even got lots of unexpected attention from my Dad when he was here over Christmas.(I must tell you this) My Dad was not too pleased to hear we were getting a dog. His belief, growing up on a farm, is that animals do not belong in the city! They should have space to roam! But Dad got in the door and a instant friendship bloomed.

Charlie is my new best bud. He follows my every move. He will be waiting for me outside the bathroom door to staring at the stairs until I come down. This makes me feel sooo special to have this bond with him. I can hardly say it enough about how pleased I have been with the whole process. As a reminder this is my first pet EVER and I feel that It would have not been as great of an experience had I not pick Prairie Doodles.

Michelle and family


I cannot tell you how wonderful Briggs is. He has the most amazing temperament and is highly trainable. Vance and I have not had one moment of regret about adopting this wonderful puppy into our lives. He is 13 weeks old this week and he has enhanced our life beyond recognition.

He is enrolled in puppy classes at "Sit Happens" and has met "Abby", "Buster", "Boone" and "Leilah". 5 of us from Prairie Doodles/Earth Angels....Everyone is delighted with their pup and it is great to see them interact. It is beyond wonderful to watch them all blossom and flourish. Briggs sits, goes down, comes, fetches and loose leash walks about 80%.... He is only 13 weeks old this weekend!!
I love him more than I could have imagined. His temperament is amazing and he is so respectful of Vance's limitations. He loves to go under his wheelchair (when it is stationary) and obviously sees it as his den. He runs in every morning (after his business) to find Vance and commune with him and a bully stick.

I have had 6 dogs in my lifetime and Briggs is by far the most lovable, smart, trainable and gorgeous dog I have ever had!
I keep trying to take pictures of him, but he is a challenge (as all black dogs are).

Thank you Gail  for your breeding program and attention to these young pups in their formative stages. You are so clearly doing it all right....because Buster, Boone, Abby and Leilah are amazing pups....just like our Briggs.



I could not have asked for a better puppy than one from Gail and Prairie Doodles. Our little girl Barley, an Ellie Mae daughter, is now 9 months old. Gail made a perfect match of Barley's personality with us and for a puppy in New York City. Our experience with Barley is evidence of Gail's thought and consideration in how she raises and breeds her dogs and matches them in a way that is best for the dog and the families.

Barley is absolutely gorgeous and has the most adorable personality. She is almost 30 lbs at 9 months and has a perfect wavy coat. Barley is loyal, sensitive, and loving with a fabulous mischievous side at times. She loves all people and all dogs. Although we don't have children, Barley is great around all the children she meets. Barley loves playing with her friends and constantly has a tennis ball in her mouth. Labradoodles are a smart breed and Prairie Doodles doesn't disappoint as basic training for Barley has come easy. In addition, I think Gail's work with the potty training made house-training Barley run smoother than any other dog I've ever had. From day one, Barley never wanted to go to the bathroom in the house. Gail has also been a wonderful resource for my many questions prior to and since Barley's arrival.

There are many labradoodles that we see in New York City, but people constantly praise Barley's look and personality relative to other labradoodles they meet. Even our vet thinks she has the most gorgeous coat, body structure and temperament. I looked at numerous breeders before I decided Prairiedoodles was the one. With the experience I had with Gail and Barley, I wouldn't consider a puppy from any other breeder!

We have enjoyed each day with Barley and look forward to all the future happiness she will bring us.



Two years ago Bente and her sister Noa came to Holland. Holland is a small turbulent country with lots of people which Bente adapted to very well as of day one. She loves her friends and is a real family dog. She is outstanding in obedience and already has 4 diplomas of her doggy school. She is very easy to train. Now she is taking lessons in agility. She likes it very much.

Bente was born on July 2nd 2007. She is a daughter of Lindy and Sebastian. We are very curious what has become of her brothers. One is called Wolsey and he and Bente were look-a-likes when they were puppies. Bente is a medium and has a very nice curly fleece coat that feels so soft. And as Gail jokes: she is Labradoodle perfection.

We are so excited about Bente that we started, together with the owner of her sister Noa, the Australian Labradoodle Club in Holland. It started with a local romp with 10 Doodles. At this moment we have registered 250 Doodles. So Bente has a lot of friends! If you can read Dutch than visit our website www.labradoodleclub.com Otherwise just look at the pictures :-)

Gail and Gary, thank you very much for our Bente and the friendship with you guys that she gave us.

Love from Holland,
Babette and Jörgen


It is Bill here, from out in Halifax. As you no doubt are aware, it was Casey's birthday this past weekend ... her second birthday in fact. We have been intending to contact you for months and months to let you know that she is doing very well and has become the perfect family member in every respect. She seems like she has been with us forever, it is so natural. Over and over again, people (after they get over just how cute our dog is) struggle to believe us when we tell her she is just two years old, the reason being that she is so obedient and friendly but calm. What we are very pleased with is how easily Casey developed an awareness of her boundaries in and outside of the house which makes it a lot easier to have a dog in an urban setting (including because it makes life a lot less restrictive, richer and easier for the dog). Our kids just love her and she is wonderfully gentle with them, especially with our little 6 year old who until recently insisted on treating Casey like another kid no matter how often we asked her not too.

Anyway, late as we are, we wanted to let you know that we are very happy with Casey in our family and that she seems very happy with us.

All the best,


Ozzy has turned out to be everything we had hoped for (and everything you said he would be). He has a wonderful disposition and we are enjoying him very much. He is sensitive, loyal, loving and affectionate – always willing to give kisses when we ask!

We took him to puppy classes and he has learned the commands sit, down and stay quite well. Over the past few weeks he has gotten especially good at stay (especially when there's a treat involved). He loves to chew on his toys and LOVES socks! We're very happy to say he doesn't chew on anything in the house except our socks!

He is 18" at the shoulders and I would say he is 30 – 35 pounds. We haven't had him at the vet for at least 6 weeks and the last time he was there he was 25 pounds. He got his first "teddy bear" haircut 3 weeks ago and we are liking the length of his coat right now. The groomer has told us (on both visits) that he was the star of the morning.

She said he was an absolute angel and she could do whatever she needed to without any struggle from him. We often comment how Ozzy looks like William especially from the side profile.

Patty, Dan, Garret, Taylor & Ozzy


Hi Gail! Gibson weighed 21 pounds at the vet about two weeks ago... I think he grows every night in his sleep. Some nights he has the funniest dreams – he is running and talking – I wonder what he is dreaming about?!?

I can't tell you (I think you probably know) how special he is – I am just amazed by him. He is so, so, so, so beautiful, smart, kind, handsome, well behaved, potty trained, sincere – oh sorry, all my friends already know it is not safe to ask me about Gibson unless they have all day to listen... you and your dogs are doing amazing things way up there – please thank Maya and William for us again!



We got our Australian labradoodle puppy from Gail at Prairie Doodles. Gail was wonderful to work with. She was very professional and caring, and it was obvious throughout the process that she truly cares for the well being of each puppy.

Since we live near Boston, far from Alberta, Gail made arrangements to have him flown to Boston. We were amazed by how well he handled the flight, and by how well he was treated by the airlines.

His entry into our home was also very smooth. He was very sociable and very sweet. He slept all night from the very beginning. Potty training was well under way when he arrived. He has been quite easy (and fun) to train. My kids have taught him all of the basic commands, such as sit, down, freeze, come and so on. They have also taught him some fun tricks such as Super Dog and Spin Around.
He is a 10 months old now and is absolutely gorgeous. His coat is non-shedding and is the softest, wavy fleece coat – exactly what we were hoping for. He is loveable, very athletic, and quite funny, too. He is very gentle with children and is great with other humans and dogs. We take him with us everywhere we go. He is a real show stopper.

The Isaacson family in Boston


There are three areas that stand out to me when I think of our great experience with Gail at Prairie Doodles.

The first was her openness to her farm and home. While some breeders won't let you come and see their place until you put down a deposit (beware!), Gail encouraged us to come and visit their place so we would feel comfortable about their dogs and that they truly had good temperaments and lived in the family home. One benefit of having the puppies in the house allowed Gail to watch them closely and get to know their personalities. In the end we chose our puppy on personality, not colour, and are so happy with our choice. A real snuggler we wanted, and a real snuggler we got!

The second area was Gail's commitment to her dog's health checks and temperament. On our first visit we were interested in one of the males she had just received. Although he passed his health tests, he did not get a 'perfect score'. Although it meant losing on that investment, she decided not to breed him because health was very important. The same went for temperament. Gail had been considering one female to add to her breeding program but once on the farm she discovered that she didn't have a great temperament. And so she wasn't added to the family. With her honesty it became clear to me that day that her investment was truly in healthy and happy dogs.

The third was Gail's fast responses to any questions we had. She was committed to get back to us within a day on any question you might have had. We've experienced breeders in the past that only seemed to respond when they thought there was an opportunity to sell a puppy – but wouldn't answer any other inquiries.

The final touch I discovered on puppy's first night home. We had been prepared for a long night of wailing from our new puppy in his kennel. Our puppy went into his kennel without a peep and went right to sleep. I found out from Gail the next day that she had already spent the time getting the puppies used to being in their kennel – what a nice touch!
Our relationship hasn't ended once we took Tucker home. I know that Gail will be a constant source of information for us and those are reasons why we're more than happy to recommend her as a reputable breeder!

Leila, Craigh (and Tucker) Hyslo


Just wanted to send you an update on our Bentley. He is now 9 months old, and VERY large to say the least. But what a nice boy he is. We love him so much and cant imagine our lives without him. He is completely trained. We have trained him to go potty outside on a gravel spot and he goes only there, not on the grass.

He doesn't chew or bark. He only barks to alert us if someone is here. Our kids just adore him, Bentley truly believes he is not a dog. He plays tag with them and hide and seek and swims in our lake! His coat is beautiful and he doesn't shed or smell. He loves a shower, and I shower him every week! He has become my best friend. He knows my emotions and puts his nose on my foot when I am sad. He knows the word hug and wraps his body around you if you ask for a hug. His disposition and personality are amazing.

We want to thank you so much for Bentley, he has brought so much joy and love to our lives. 

Annette Milbers-Fleck


It has been over four years since my daughter and I started trying to convince my husband that our household needed a dog. Although he loved dogs he was adamantly opposed to the fur around the house. After researching low or no shedding breeds online we found the Prairiedoodles website, and I called Gail right away to arrange a time when we could stop at her home to see her dogs. Her family was very warm and friendly, including her dogs. Our daughter Becky sat on the floor and Ellie Mae stretched out on her lap right away. Of course she fell in love and so did we, within a half hour of being in the Groenevelds' home we had decided that we absolutely needed one of Ellie Mae' puppies.

Gail was bombarded with emails from us for the months we waited for our puppy, as we were extremely excited and wanted to be prepared for everything. Gail was always pleasant and quick to respond. We especially loved the weekly pictures we received of the puppy while she grew until the time we could adopt her. Angel came to our home on March 20th, 2008, she has not left our sides since.

The apple definitely did not fall far from the tree, Angel is just like her mother and adores affection. She is just over 3 months old now, and although she has those bursts of energy much like all puppies, she is really quite laid back. We bath and blow dry her, and she loves it! Looking at her you would surely think she would shed (as she looks like a teddy bear), but with all the times I have brushed, bathed and blow dryed her we have only found 4 hairs in her brush! She will do anything for a treat, and has already learned to sit, stay, lay down, shake paw and high five.

Since she is so young we haven't done a lot of walking off our property yet, however, just having her outside draws anyone off the street to pet her and ask what kind of dog she is. The Vet couldn't even believe how mellow Angel was, and said we had found a great puppy.

Getting Angel has been the best thing we could have ever done for our daughter and our family as a whole. We are very grateful to the Groenevelds for our Sweet Angel!

Christina and family


I wanted to tell you about the puppy (Labradoodle) I purchased from Praire Doodles. Our puppy (Jackson) is now 4 months old and you have never seen a better pet. When we went to pick him up he was already to big to fit on the plane with us. We were flying from Calgary to Kelowna and were able to fly him in the cargo. I was so nervous – I have 5 children and was never that nervous for them!!! When we picked Jackson up in Kelowna he was just laying in his crate as though nothing had happened! Just as calm as could be. Okay, I thought fluky, just a one time thing. He should have been up tight right! He goes about his day just as laid back as could be.
He is in obedience class and definitely the head of the class. He picks up the things we are teaching him much faster than the other dogs. He already sits, stays, heals, shakes a paw, circles, lays and rings a bell to let me know he wants to go outside. Oh, if we could have had children that picked things up this fast!!

The vet has given him a clean bill of health. His coat is like one big fluff ball. I have not found a single hair in the house nor is my husband sneezing like he usually does when a dog comes around.

The breeders from Praire Doodles certainly know how to breed dogs with great temperaments and the most beautiful non-shedding coats. We certainly would recommend them to anyone looking for a great family pet.



My husband and I had always hoped to have a dog but with Alec's asthma and allergies always thought it an impossibility. A few years ago we learned about labradoodles and were lucky to find Prairie Doodles and Gail. The rest is history. Luca came to us August of 2007 and he is absolutely the most loving, intelligent, happy dog we've ever met. And Alec is doing so well allergy-wise, virtually no reaction with the help of Singulair.

We don't know other labradoodles but I would highly recommend the breed. Luca's intelligence knows no bounds. He is so keen to listen and learn, I must say that sometimes I feel he is beyond human. We don't have children but when kids to come to our house Luca seems to sense that they deserve respect. He doesn't jump on them but very gently plays and runs. He is wonderful with all dogs we meet, quickly learns the pecking order. At the same time, he's not a push-over, he will stand his ground.

Our life has been so enriched since getting Luca and we look forward to having another labradoodle in a few years.

Alec and Geraldine


I would be more than pleased to recommend a puppy from Gail at Prairie Doodles. We had a wonderful experience with her when we adopted Darwin. I have never had a dog before, even as a child, so I was a little nervous about what to expect.

We live in north Calgary which makes us about a 75 minute drive from Gail's place in Blackie. My family and I did an initial visit in August 2006 to see her facilities because we wanted to see what the kennel conditions were like. Her dogs are raised in her home, a busy working farmhouse and depending on the weather, outside in a large penned area. All areas were clean and well suited for ten active puppies and three adult dogs. We made three more trips to see the pups before we finally picked up Darwin in late October. The dogs all loved running around outside on the grass. As well, the pups had time inside with Gail on an individual basis and interactions with large groups; so they all enjoyed being handled by people. Our little fellow has a very happy disposition. Lucy is the mother of our puppy and she is a beautiful girl in personality and looks. Gail's two other dogs, Ellie Mae and Lindy were also very sociable animals.

I still email Gail with questions and send her pictures of Darwin. It has been a very rewarding relationship. 

The McKinney family and Darwin


We have been absolutely delighted with our experience with Prairie Doodles and the Australian Multigeneration Labradoodle Breeders, Gail and Gary Groeneveld.

We purchased a puppy from them in the fall of 2006. She is very bright, so loveable happy and healthy. We could not have been more satisfied with the education, care and concern of her breeders. They are so very professional but also truly interested in the well being of their little ones. They have always been available with assistance on any matter we wished to discuss before or after we picked up our pup. We could not have imagined a more rewarding experience than with Gail and Gary. We would recommend them to anyone.

Fred and Judy Ring, Calgary, Alberta


Berwick is beautiful, best of the litter for sure :) He is soooooo smart. Sits politely waiting for his dinner, rings a bell at the backdoor when he wants or needs to go outside. Hasn't had an accident inside for weeks and only a couple times at the beginning, and LOVES romping in the backyard snow where my boys have built snowforts and tunnels. He sleeps through the night and has for about a week now and is ecstatic when someone new walks into the room.

We'll be attending Diamond in the Ruff puppy classes the next session that is available after his next set of needles. Loves to chew anything and everything including any little pebble he can find...



I don't even know where to start letting you know how grateful we are for picking Richie for our family dog. He couldn't be more perfect for us. Having three boys, one of them with allergies I was hoping I could find a breed that would be big enough to look - as my husband puts it - like a real dog, gentle and intelligent not to have to deal with more testosterone in the house - being the only girl in the house, that was important to me. And I was hoping for a real life fluffy stuffy cuddly puppy, that would be non shedding and hypoallergenic (because of my sons allergies). When I looked at my wish list I thought for sure we would have to compromise. Than I found you and your most gorgeous dogs!

We fell in love with Richie and pretty much with the whole litter first time we saw them. Today, Richie is happy, healthy, smart, playful and sometimes goofy 9 month old. He has proven many times, that he is everything we hopped for in a dog and MORE! And he sure is a show stopper wherever we go. Our boys love him to pieces and he loves them right back. He is always ready to play, run, jump etc. etc.

So Gail and Carmen, thank you again for breeding such a wonderful dogs , and thank you for all your continuous suport you give to your doodle families.

Edith, Boris, Jacob, Michael, Matthew and Richie


What impressed me about Prairie Doodles was that Gail answered my e mail even though she was on vacation, there was never any pressure to purchase a puppy from her.

We poured over her Prairie Doodles web site, checked out the blog for both Prairie Doodles and Koocanusa, and joined up with the Prairie Doodle Facebook site.

We had not planned on getting a puppy until 2012 but could not resist when our Mercedes became available. Even my hold out husband could not resist – he wanted to create a photo album of our puppy from birth until we received her, Gail and Carmen make that so easy by posting pictures every week and keeping everyone up-dated on the progress of the puppies.

Gail and Carmen work very hard to ensure that the puppy you receive meets and exceeds your requirements. From size, colour, temperament and socialization, they asked us what we desired and the puppy we received has surpassed all of our expectations. Gail made all the arrangements to have Mercedes flown out to B.C., it was so stress free.

Oh my, even now I tear up when I remember meeting Mercedes at the airport. She fulfilled all of my expectations and then some. From the moment we brought her home we were hooked. She is such a clever girl, very easy to train, a super cuddle bun and makes us laugh every day.

There is no doubt in our minds that when we make our the decision to get our second puppy, he or she will be from Prairie Doodles.

Thank you Gail and Carmen and your extended family of socializers, we look forward to meeting you soon.

Andrea and Kelvin George


With six kids (youngest 3 and oldest now 12) I would be lying if I said it was easy. Growing up my dog was my best friend. I have always loved animals and wanted my kids to have the experience and responsibly too. With the kids so young and a husband who has allergies I had to be careful as to which breed of dog we would bring into our house. Gail helped us more then you could know. Wolfie is a smart little guy. Gentle with the kids! I had my heart set on a bigger size but now I realize it would have been much too hard with the kids.

My husband really wasn't as excited as I was about getting a Puppy because of all the extra work. A few days home and they are sitting on the couch watching TV together. John looks at me and says "he sure is a sweet little guy!".

Wolfiee is quick to learn and loves to play. I have also caught him sneaking a nap with the kids. He is very good natured and eager to please, makes us laugh continuously. He is a clown!

Thank you for helping us add Wolfie to our family he is such a blessing.

Kim, John and all the kids