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Our availability is limited and we will be trying to update litter plans as they come into effect! 

Happy puppy hunting! 

- Prairie Doodles Team




With Lady Legacy's loving temperament and Wilbur's "life of the party" attitude, we can't wait to meet the awesome puppies from this duo.

They are honeymooning mid-October 2017 and will have puppies available for take-home mid- February. They will have large-mediums and possibly small-standards. And they will likely have blacks, chocolates and apricot cream


Ember and Molesley 

Born Oct 6th, 2017! This is Ember's last litter officially! She is our loyal, ball loving lady and makes such gorgeous puppies with Molesley! You can actually scroll through our puppy blog and you will know why this litter is a repeat! The temperaments of those puppies are always so amazing and we have been so happy with them. There are blacks, apricots, reds, and even chocolate in there, some with white markings and some without! They will be medium sizes. Take home a couple of weeks before Christmas time! It's never to early to start Christmas shopping, hey?


Maggie and Panda

Maggie is the daughter of Sandy and Molesley and is a caramel parti, who will make a pretty magical parti litter with our up and coming stud Panda Bear. We are awaiting her photos from her guardian home, but will post soon! They could have a few different variations in colour from black and caramel puppies, to solid puppies with white markings. They will likely be smaller-mediums around 30 pounds and around 18 inches tall from shoulders. These puppies are expected to be available for take-home in Winter > January-February of 2018, but we will know more specifics once Maggie honeymoons with Panda. 

Skye and Wilbur 

Skye is another one of our up-and-coming girls from Koocanusa! Her gorgeous fleecy, cream coat is one that keeps everyone interested! She has a perfect temperament that we think she get's from her dad, Molesley, and she is very laid back and loving! We are excited to see the puppies she will produce with our Wilbur! He is a fun-loving, laid back kind of guy too, so we can only imagine how perfect their litter of puppies will be! Skye and Wilbur may have some medium to larger-medium, 18-21 inches around 35-45 pounds and will likely have some solid chocolates, creams, caramels

Honeymoon happening mid-November and expected take home in mid-March 2018. 


Kona and Wilbur

Kona is our up and coming Flaherty daughter from Flaherty and Jax's litter! She is a beautiful cafe' chocolate like her momma and is a medium gal. We will likely match her with Wilbur, but are considering Panda Bear, our gorgeous new stud! These puppies will likely have chocolate's and cafe's, potentially with white markings! We can't ever guarantee what will come because nature is fun that way! Take home will be around Winter 2018. We will know more specifics of timeframe once Kona honeymoons with Wilbur (or Panda).


Stella and Panda 

Oh, this is going to be a fun litter! We can't wait to see the gorgeous small-medium sized pups with apricots and blacks with white markings (and parti's).  Stella is the daughter of Flaherty and Molesley, and she takes after her dad in her temperament. She has never met a stranger and loves everyone. Panda is a fun-loving parti guy and will likely just compliment the puppies to come with his love for life and bones. Take home for this litter is expected to be around Christmas of Winter 2017/18.


Tasha and Panda

Dare we parti? Why, yes we will! These two cuties will likely have a mini litter full of beautiful parti pups! Most likely red and black parti pups, but we may be surprised with some solid's there! We can't wait to see these gorgeous mini's as it will be our first true mini litter in a while! We think this will be a fun litter with these two loyal love birds! Take home for these puppies is expected to be around Winter 2017/2018.    


Lottie and Molesley

Lottie is another up and coming girl who will be bred with Molesley! She is such an adorable caramel mini girl and will make some gorgeous mini and small-medium puppies with Molesley. They will likely have some caramels, reds, and apricots with white markings! With Lottie's happy go lucky attitude and love for fetching, mixed with Molesley's silliness and love for EVERYTHING, these puppies are going to be so fun! We can't predict mother nature and are never quite sure until they arrive! One of nature's surprises we are always excited to receive! Take home is expected to be Winter of 2017/2018. We will know more once Lottie has honeymooned with Molesley.