Hey there! 


We are full until Winter 2018 now! We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope to help you find a puppy in the future! =] 

- Prairie Doodles Team


Stella and mountie 

This litter will a be a first for these two, and we can't wait to see the immaculate coats they produce. We expect some beautiful smaller-medium pups from these two this fall, around Novemeber They will likely have some gorgeous solid apricots or reds

London And Mountie

Oh this litter will be so fun! We paired these two because we believe they will have some of the most gorgeous coats combinations. We expect some black, chocolate, and apricot puppies with white markings and she will probably surprise us as we can never quite predict mother nature! London always brings forth a lot of well-balanced temperaments in their little fur babies and we can't wait to meet them! They will likely have some smaller-mediums and take home would be around October! 

Kona and Archer

Can ya tell we are loving our up and coming stud Archer?

These two will bring us some gorgeous red, black, and/or chocolate puppies that will likely be medium in size! They will likely go home around September or October time frame, so say hello to fall puppies! =] This will be Kona's very first litter and we are so excited to see her puppies! 

Gussy and Undecided stud muffin

Can you say summer loving?! We aren't sure who the stud will be, but we are certain they are going to have such gorgeous puppies because, we mean, look at this gorgeous girl! Whoever the pairing will be, we are certain they will be some of the prettiest black, reds, or apricots with white markings that are small-medium sized puppies with happy go lucky temperament to boot. They will honeymoon in late July and will likely have puppies go home in November or December.