Angel is six weeks old and the weather permitted her to explore the grand outdoors this week! She has been active since turning five weeks old and has been socializing with some puppies that are a couple weeks older than her! We had a play date with Angel's brother from another mother, Winston of Tasha and Molesley, and though he was a bit older and bigger, Angel was able to play back a little. She did get chilled on this sunny day, so she borrowed a hoody! =] Her mommy reunited with her guardian home this week, as Angel has weaned and officially transitioned to eating her food and drinking her water! She will still have some puppy play dates ahead of her and will be seeing mommy on those dates! This week we will begin introducing crate-training, since she is no longer snacking with mommy and is on a schedule with her meals. Thanks for stopping by to check out her milestones!