Hey there! 

Our availability is limited and we will be trying to update litter plans as they come into effect! 

Happy puppy hunting! 

- Prairie Doodles Team


Skye and Wilbur

Skye is another one of our up-and-coming girls from Koocanusa! Her gorgeous fleecy, cream coat is one that keeps everyone interested! She has a perfect temperament that we think she get's from her dad, Molesley, and she is very laid back and loving! We are excited to see the puppies she will produce with our Wilbur! He is a fun-loving, laid back kind of guy too, so we can only imagine how perfect their litter of puppies will be! Skye and Wilbur may have some medium to larger-medium, 18-21 inches around 35-45 pounds and will likely have some solid chocolates, creams, caramels

We believe these puppies will be available around summertime, but have no specific timeframes yet! 

Questions about this litter? Contact us.


Cleo & Bernard

Cleo is another one of our up-and-coming girls from Koocanusa! We think that her adorable curly fleece and easy-going personality will pass on to her puppies! We have decided that her perfect mate this season will definitely be our Bernard! They are both very sociable, loving dogs and we think their puppies will be the cutest! They will likely produce some mini/smaller-mediums with some possible apricot caramel pups with white markings! 

This litter will be available for take-home around June 2017, we estimate! We will know more of the exact timing later. 

Questions about this litter? Contact us. 


Polly-Anna & Molesley

With Polly-Anna's bubbly, outgoing love for all humans and Molesley's cartoon persona with the floppy, delightful easy-going nature, we aren't sure how much more awesome a litter could get! We think these puppies will be as delightful as their parents and very loving. But we guess aren't most labradoodles? This litter will be raised in Koocanusa and will love their spring life there with Carmen and Lucca! Their expected sizes will range from mini's to mediums at about 16 - 18 inches 22 - 30 pounds.

The take home for these puppies we estimate to be around May 2017. We will know more exact timing later.

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Flaherty & Wilbur

We love what we have been seeing from Flaherty girl's litter, especially the litter prior to this one which was full of chocolates with Jax! Since we adore the chocolate life, we just had to honeymoon Flaherty and Wilbur together for their Spring litter in 2017! With Flaherty's unique coat that changes with the season from an almost lavender to a cafe' and Wilbur's dark, true chocolate coats, we are thrilled to see what these puppies will look like! Flaherty is a loyal girl and she is a lover of her family, though cautious of new people at first, she is your best friend once she gets to know you and we can't wait to add the confidence and fun-loving nature of Wilbur to that mix! These puppies will be raised with Matt's family on the farm. They will produce puppies that are larger-mediums around 20-21 inches and 42-48 pounds. 

This litter is likely to be ready for take-home around April 2017. We will know more on exact timing a little later. 

Questions about this litter? Contact us.